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Why the Silence about Donald Trump’s Mob Ties?

The company he keeps - from left: Paul "Big Paul" Castellano, Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno, Roy Cohn, and Trump
The company he keeps – from left: Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, Roy Cohn, and Trump

It is the most under-reported story of the summer, and the mystery is why. Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, is well known to have had ties to notorious crime figures like Paul “Big Paul” Castellano, head of the Gambino crime family, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese mob, and others of their ilk in New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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FL Prosecutors Reportedly Implicate DeLay in Abramoff-Related SunCruz Murder — Gov. Bush and Feds May Have Obstructed Their Investigation

“The story behind the story: DeLay’s involvement with Florida gangland mobsters probed by prosecutors [was] stymied by withheld FBI interview forms and obstruction from George W. and Jeb Bush.”
— Wayne Madsen Report

Prosecutors have preliminary evidence that SunCruz was wrested from Boulis to enable laundering hundreds of millions in cash from the casino boats into Bush and DeLay election campaigns.

Earlier I suggested that disgraced Republican Rep. Tom DeLay’s resignation yesterday may have been triggered by the guilty plea to corruption charges last week by his former staffer, Tony Rudy. Conventional wisdom indicates that Rudy could have ratted out DeLay on bribery and corruption charges in order to receive a lesser sentence.

Now comes word of a development that, if true, could implicate DeLay in the gangland murder of Gus Boulis, the former owner of SunCruz casino cruise ship line in Florida.

The news comes via an April 4, 2006, story in the Wayne Madsen Report, starting with a generally overlooked but possibly stunning development in the Boulis murder trial in Miami last week. Prosecutors say they belatedly learned that one of the accused murderers, Gambino family associate, Anthony “Big Tony” Moscatiello, was an FBI informant for 15 years:

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