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A Plurality of Republicans Still Believes Obama Is Muslim


Of those who identify as Republicans believe President Obama is a Muslim, while only 15% of those who identify as Democrats agreed he is Muslim, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.


Franklin Graham Suggests Stopping Muslim Immigration

Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized – and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad. During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now?

— Franklin Graham, urging in a Facebook post for a halt to all Muslims coming into the United States in the aftermath of shootings in Chattanooga that killed four Marines and one sailor.

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Police in San Diego County Investigating Murder of Shaima Alwadi, 32, Mother of Five, As a Possible Hate Crime

Shaima Alawadi
Shaima Alwadi
While the controversy around alleged racial motivations in the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin plays out in Florida, police in El Cajon, Calif., have not ruled out anti-Islamic motivations in the brutal killing of Shaima Alwadi, a 32-year-old Iraqi immigrant and mother of five, who was found beaten and dying in her home near San Diego last week.

Alwadi was discovered early Wednesday morning by her 17-year-old daughter, Fatima, who called 911. At the hospital, Shaima Alwadi was diagnosed as brain dead, and her family chose to remove her from life support.

A handwritten note found at the crime scene described Alwadi as a “terrorist” and warned her to “go back to your own country.” Family members said they had received a similar note a few days earlier but had dismissed it as a kids’ prank.

Now the question is whether the attack and the threats were acts of domestic anti-Islamic terrorism.

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Poetic Justice

Pre-Flight Prejudice

Two Imams were flying to Charlotte from Memphis,
But were pulled off the plane for security clearance.
Because they were Muslims,
The pilot wouldn’t fly ’em.
So they just stayed in Memphis to study anti-Islam prejudice.

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Rude Pundit: Hey Right Wing, How’s That Ginning Up the Masses Thing Working for Ya Now?

For those of us following the coverage of the mass shooting aimed at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who are sick of the false equivalency arguments (“But what about Daily Kos?”), the bending over backward denials (“They were surveyors marks, not gun scope sights”), and pleas by the right not to rush to judgment (like they do with every ginned up news cycle concerning the NPRs and Van Joneses of the world), The Rude Pundit offers some relief. He is calling out the same folks as the sheriff of Pima County did — those who earn a living inflaming the American people.

Rude Pundit: ‘Gosh, it’s just wrong to lump you all together, to stereotype you all as criminals in waiting. Like, you know, you have done with Muslims since September 11, 2001’

He goes one further, though, by including the viewers and listeners and readers who indulge those leaders, who drive up their ratings, and who ultimately pay their salaries. And if you are among them, The Rude Pundit leaves you nowhere to hide.

Following are excerpts from what could have been called, “Dear Right-Wingers: We Reject Your Every Attempt to Evade Blame” but which is, instead, the much better titled, “Dear Right-Wingers: You Are All Muslims Now.”

How you must have heaved in relief when you saw that it would be quite easy to portray Jared Lee Loughner as a raving psychopath, an effort that’s helped a great deal by the apparent truth, which is that Jared Lee Loughner is a raving psychopath…

Now, ah, yes, now, lovely right-wingers, you could defend yourself. You could work yourselves into a huff about how unjustly you were accused of driving this obviously disturbed individual into an act of calculated, cold-blooded violence. But that’s because you’re sitting there in your shit-filled underpants, thinking, “I don’t believe in violence. I don’t approve this. I hope the government doesn’t try to crack down on us.”

So, welcome, assholes, because you are Muslim now.

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Ten Percent of Muslims Are Terrorists? That’s the Population of Iran, Syria, Sudan, Lebanon and Somalia – Combined

The latest anti-Muslim propaganda coming from the Republican Party’s Fox network is a suggestion by the network’s resident Mormon televangelist Glenn Beck that 10 percent of Muslims worldwide are terrorists.

GLENN BECK: What is the number of Islamic terrorists? One percent? I think it’s closer to 10 percent, but the rest of the PC world will tell you ‘oh no, it’s minuscule.’ Okay, well, let’s take you at your one percent. Look at the havoc of one percent of Muslims causing on the rest of the world!

This claim is so ridiculous that it stands as a tragic indictment of our times that it even has to be addressed. But, just in case it comes up at family events over the holidays, here goes.

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Poetic Justice

A Burning Question

Is it right to burn the Quran
Just because the First Amendment says you can?
And if in response Muslim fanatics
Pull some mean terrorist antics,
Should you consult your Bible for an exit plan?