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Daily Stormer Backs Gabbard


Jewish Insider: “A neo-Nazi website took credit for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s (D-HI) qualification for the first two Democratic primary debates. The Daily Stormer, a notorious white supremacist and antisemitic website, proclaimed in April ‘we did it” — after the Hawaii congresswoman reached the 65,000 donor threshold needed to participate in the first two debates. … The Gabbard campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment.”


40,000 Anti-Nazis Meet 50 Nazis

40,000 vs. 50

As it turned out, the Free Speech Coalition rally was a dud. The tiny, unremarkable gathering of what looked to be about 50 people on Boston Common’s Parkman Bandstand was too far away to be seen or heard by an opposition that covered acres, the Boston Globe reports.