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Trump Underwater in Nevada


A new ALG Research poll in Nevada finds President Trump’s approval numbers are abysmal in the state, 43% to 57%, with 49% of the electorate rating him as “highly unfavorable.” Key takeaway: “The president’s numbers here should scare every Republican on the ballot next year.”


Trump Only Won a Plurality of the GOP Latino Vote in Nevada


In his victory speech after winning the Nevada caucuses, Donald Trump said, “And you know what I’m really happy about? No. 1 with Hispanics. I’m really happy about that.” It is true he got more votes than his rivals, but he won with a plurality. Bill Moyers writes, “In one of a number of fine interventions at MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out that something on the order of 1,800 Latinos voted in the Nevada GOP caucuses, of whom perhaps 800 voted for Trump, i.e. 44 percent of this tiny group. Trump lost the vote of even this small group of hard right Latinos, since 56 percent of them voted for someone else. There are 800,000 Latinos in the state of Nevada (pop. 2.8 million). In 2012, 70 percent of Latinos voted for Barack Obama, while Mitt Romney got 25 percent. My guess is that Trump can’t do as well among them as Romney did.” Eight hundred out of 800,000 is just 0.1%.


Nevada Lawmaker Scares Bejesus Out of Elementary Students

Do you know that there are schools that train children your age to be suicide bombers?

— Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), quoted by the Washington Post, talking to a classroom of second and third graders.

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The Ten Senate Races Democrats Are Most Likely to Win in 2016

We’re not yet halfway through 2015 but the 2016 race for control of the U.S. Senate is starting to take shape. This week The Hill ranked the 10 most competitive races — and since then there has been a development in the race The Hill listed as likely to be the easiest pickup for Democrats.

Yesterday former Sen. Russ Feingold, the Democratic incumbent who was unseated by current Sen. Ron Johnson in 2010, announced he was entering the race. Johnson, a tea partyist, won by 5 percentage points in the tea party’s anti-Obamacare wave election after spending millions of his own money. The Hill quotes him as saying he won’t self-fund this year — which only means he’ll rely on his wealthy cronies to spend unlimited money anonymously to fund his campaign. The Hill cited a poll by PPP taken before Feingold’s announcement that found Feingold with 50 percent support against Johnson’s 41 percent. Wisconsin has voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential cycle since 1984.

Within hours after Feingold’s announcement, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts endorsed him, according to an email sent by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

The Hill’s other nine most-competitive races are:

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Romney’s 47 Percent Is True — and Bigger!

Can I say that without getting in trouble like Gov. Romney. The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now.

— Nevada congressional candidate Crescent Hardy (R), quoted by TPM.

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Tea Party Spawns Terror Attack

Gadsden flag, then and now: left, J.B. Stoner speaks in front of the Gadsen “Don’t Tread on Me” flag at a KKK rally in 1964; right: Tea party agitator Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, leads an anti-government rally in October 2013

Let’s call Jerad and Amanda Miller, the Indiana couple who fatally shot two police officers as well as an armed citizen in Las Vegas on Sunday, what they were: right-wing domestic terrorists. To be specific, they were tea party-inspired terrorists.

The national media won’t go there, of course, because they fear offending the Republican Party and of being labeled with the dread word, “liberal.” But facts are facts. The Millers were unlike other recent mass shooters in that they weren’t simply off their meds. It is clear now that they were inspired by tea party racism and anti-government libertarianism, which has been fostered, not just by the GOP, but in the bosom of the media establishment itself, which is to say Fox News.

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Poetic Justice

Whoa, Mustang Ranch!

In Nevada Harry Reid’s an institution.
Now he’s offering a problem-less solution:
If the state wants image-mending,
It’s got to stop giving “happy endings,”
And put an end to legal prostitution.

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Angle Ad: If You’re White, Aliens are Coming to Get You

The newest ad from U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada, Sharron Angle, is the Willie Horton story of our day. Anyone who could watch this piece of work and not get the fear-mongering it employs should watch it again. But just in case you still don’t get it, Mi Blog es tu Blog‘s Laura Martinez breaks it down. Ads like Angle’s, she says:

…remind us that Latino immigrants are a scary bunch — crossing the border armed with knifes and torches, ready to strip you of your benefits and jobs and scare the hell out of your white family.

Angle’s spots go way beyond blatantly stereotyping Latino immigrants as a bandana-wearing crowd ready to corner you in some dark alley. More gravely, they send a message of “us” against “them.” It’s Brown vs. White. Watch closely: While the ad mentions immigrants going to college and collecting social security, every shot of the “illegal aliens” shows particularly swarthy Latino youth all dressed up for gang initiation. The family that is shown living in fear of them is white.

…I can only hope these “dangerous fellows” will take some time off their criminal activities to go to the polls this November.


NV Sen: Sharron Angle’s Preacher Describes Glenn Beck’s Mormon Church As a Murderous, Weird, Kooky Cult

“His religion’s a cult … The Christian community — all the Christians, theologians and scholars, all recognize that, that Mormonism is a cult. I have books in my library on cults, and it lists Mormonism right there with all these bizarre cults. Well, there must be a reason. I mean, here a member of a cult is one of the most powerful people in the United States. Doesn’t that alarm you? And his allegiance is to Salt Lake City. Something is up with that. Something’s weird. But nobody touches that. [Glenn Beck’s*] allegiance is to Salt Lake City. The Mormon church is rich, powerful, they do illegal things. They do secretive things. They’ve got all this money. They own American businesses. There’s weirdness going on there. Churches are not multi-millionaire organizations like the Mormon church. You know, there’s some weirdness with that, but nobody questions it, nobody asks one question to [Glenn Beck] and says, ‘Tell us about your faith. What does a Mormon believe?’ Ask him about the holy garments that he wears that protect him from evil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about getting his body parts anointed by oil. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about when he goes to the temple and he gets baptized for dead people. Isn’t that kooky? Ask him about the hit squad of the Mormon church and why they need people to kill Mormons that go against them. Isn’t that controlling? Ask him how they shun people, then they get their family members to disown them and divorce them if they dare leave the Mormon church. Isn’t that cultish? I mean, I could go on and on. The Mormon church is a cult, and [Glenn Beck] is a powerful person in a cult, and nobody even questions it.”

John Reed, the preacher at Sonrise Church in Reno, the home church of Nevada GOP-tea bagger Sharron Angle. *Note, however, that instead of Glenn Beck, the preacher actually referred to Angle’s opponent, Sen. Harry Reid.

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NV Sen: GOP-Fox Caught Rigging Poll Outcome That Shows Angle Leading Reid by 3 Points

A new poll on the Nevada Senate race from the GOP’s Fox channel finds that tea bagger Sharron Angle is leading Sen. Harry Reid, 49 percent to 46 percent.

“I would look askance on this poll.”
Prof. Mark Peplowski

And despite the fact that the margin of error in the poll is 3 percentage points, the Republican propaganda network is ready to call the election.

“As voters make up their mind with four weeks to go until Election Day, Angle seems to have the edge,” a poll “analyst” for the GOP-Fox network wrote.

In fact, most polls have shown the race to be tied — as, technically, the Fox poll does, since Angle’s lead is in the margin of error. However, a poll from about week ago by a GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies found Reid leading Angle, 45 percent to 40 percent.

Now the methodology behing the Fox poll is being called into question by College of Southern Nevada professor Mark Peplowski:

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