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Trump Is REALLY Unpopular in New Hampshire


A new American Research Group poll in New Hampshire finds just 27% of adults approve of the way President Trump is handling his job, while 66% disapprove, and 7% are undecided.


Murdoch Characterizes Christies as a ‘Suicide Bomber’

Chris Christie, suicide bomber. Damages victim while blowing himself up!

— Rupert Murdoch, on Twitter after the governor finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary.


N.H. Is Big for Trump


Is the number to watch in New Hampshire. “That’s Mr. Trump’s share of the vote in the last New Hampshire polls. If he finishes well beneath that mark, it will raise some pretty serious questions about just how legitimate his support is nationwide — whether it’s because late deciders keep moving against him or because his mediocre field operation is failing to mobilize infrequent voters.” — Nate Cohn, The New York Times


N.H. Voters Shaping Up to Be Late Deciders


Of likely Republican primary voters say that they are completely decided on their candidate choice just days before Tuesday’s election. Another 31% have a strong preference but are still open to considering other candidates. One-fifth either have only a slight preference (12%) or are really undecided (9%), according to the new Monmouth poll in New Hampshire.


Sanders Holds Wide Lead in N.H.

58% to 38%

>Bernie Sanders’ big lead over Hillary Clinton, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll. A new American Research Group poll finds Sanders leading Clinton, 54% to 38%.


Jeb’s Final Hurdle

If Rubio beats him badly in New Hampshire, Jeb is toast.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham, quoted by the New York Times.


Trump Still Leads in N.H.


Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP presidential race in New Hampshire, followed by Ted Cruz at 14%, Marco Rubio at 12%, Jeb Bush at 9% and John Kasich at 7%, according to a new University of Massachusetts-Lowell/7 News survey.


Two Polls Find Trump Ahead by 20 Points in N.H.

20 points

Margin by which two polls find Trump leading in New Hampshire. A new CNN/WMUR poll in New Hampshire finds Donald Trump with 34%, followed by Ted Cruz at 14%, Jeb Bush at 10%, Marco Rubio at 10%, Chris Christie at 6%, John Kasich at 6% and Rand Paul at 6%. A new Gravis Marketing survey finds Trump leading at 35%, followed by Kasich at 15%, Cruz at 10%, Rubio at 9%, Christie at 8% and Bush at 7%.


Rick Perry Has No Campaign Personnel in New Hampshire


Number of campaign representatives Rick Perry has in New Hampshire, WMUR reports. Veteran strategist Michael Dennehy said that “while he still considers himself a strong supporter of the Republican presidential candidate, he no longer considers himself an advisor to the campaign. He said he has not been paid by the campaign since June and has not heard from Perry or anyone from Perry’s national campaign for the past month.”


Trump Holds Commanding Lead in New Hampshire


Donald Trump’s lead over the Republican presidential field, followed by John Kasich at 11%, Carly Fiorina at 10%, Jeb Bush at 7%, Scott Walker at 7%, Ben Carson at 6%, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz all at 4%, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey in New Hampshire.