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De Blasio Gets 0% in NYC


The latest Siena poll finds New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio earned 0% support for president in New York City, The Week reports. He also did not crack 1% support across New York state in the poll.


De Blasio Disappointing NYC Whites


Of white New Yorkers approve of the Democratic mayor’s performance, and 59% now disapprove, up sharply from the start of his term, a new New York Times/Siena College poll finds. “Nearly half say that the city is a worse place to live under his watch — only 9% say it is better — and 51% say New York is now less safe, even as crime statistics reach historic lows.”


New Yorkers Blase Over De Blasio’s New York


Of New York City voters report things are going in the wrong direction, and 45% say they are moving in the right one, a new Marist poll finds. “To compound New Yorkers’ downbeat attitude about the city, fewer than one in five residents, 17%, believes the overall quality of life in the city has improved over the last year. A majority, 56%, reports it has either gotten worse, 33%, or has remained the same which, in their view, is a bad thing, 23%.”

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Why Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Care, Is Driving Cadillacs in His Dreams

Much is being made of Bill de Blasio’s recent mayoral win in New York City, with the Washington Post even calling it “historic,” since he will be the first Democrat to serve in that office since David Dinkins won in 1989.

It’s not just worth nothing that de Blasio won, but how. De Blasio focused on income inequality in NYC, or what he called “two cities,” one rich and one poor, much the way the ultimately disappointing Sen. John Edwards talked about two Americas.

As Marketplace’s Sabri Ben-Achour noted:

According to the Census Bureau, income inequality in the New York City region is higher than any other major metropolitan region in the country. So taking the whole city, Brooklyn to the Bronx, if you are in the bottom 20 percent in New York your income, on average, is about $9,000 a year. If you’re in the top 20 percent you make, on average, $223,000 a year. So otherwise, put [that] the top 20 percent of the population makes about 25 times what the bottom 20 percent makes.

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