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Poetic Justice

Meditation On Media

Come on, get with it, news media!
You’ve got a case of journalistic anemia.
When Trump starts a-tweeting,
Your judgement goes fleeting —
You just repeat the memes that he’s feeding ya.


Clinton’s Media Coverage Was More Negative

62% to 38%

Ratio of negative to positive media coverage of Hillary Clinton over the full course of the election versus 56% negative to 44% positive for Donald Trump, a new Harvard study finds. Negative coverage was the order of the day in the general election. Not a week passed where the nominees’ coverage reached into positive territory. It peaked at 81% negative in mid-October, but there was not a single week where it dropped below 64% negative.


Majority Find Mainstream News Sources to Be Credible


Of respondents to a Morning Consult poll found ABC, CBS and NBC to be credible news sources, while less than 1 in 5 found Breitbart or Fox News to be credible. Interesting finding: Thirty-one percent said they see fake news stories in their social media feeds more than once a day, and 55 percent said they have started reading a story only to realize it was fake.


The Press Told the Truth, But It Didn’t Matter

I have a different and more existential fear today about the future of independent journalism and its role in our democracy. And you should too. Because the media scandal of 2016 isn’t so much about what reporters failed to tell the American public; it’s about what they did report on, and the fact that it didn’t seem to matter.

Susan Glasser


NYT Has Seen Post-Election Surge in Subscriptions


Number of paid subscriptions to online and print the New York Times has seen since the presidential election, the media giant said in an exclusive statement to CNBC.


The Media Deserves Blame, too

On so many levels, vari­ous parts of the me­dia es­tab­lish­ment should look back at the en­tirety of their cov­er­age with re­gret and in some cases shame, wheth­er it was cable net­works hand­ing over their air­waves to Trump early in the race, or au­gust news­pa­pers tramp­ling on journ­al­ist­ic stand­ards in the fi­nal weeks in a des­per­ate bid to stop him. It was not a pretty sight. Just as it’s hard to get tooth­paste back in the tube, it will be hard for the press to re­store the bright line between re­port­ing and opin­ion.

Charlie Cook


NY Times Sees Big Surge in Subscribers in the Age of Fake News


The number of new paid subscriptions to the New York Times in the week since Election Day, the largest one-week subscription increase since the paper launched its digital pay model five years ago.


Just Because He Hates Them Doesn’t Mean He’d Kill Them

I do hate them. I hate some of these people, but I’ll be honest, I would never kill them.

— Donald Trump, quoted by Mediaite, saying that even though Vladimir Putin has been accused of killing journalists, “I’m totally against that.”

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Make Reading the News More Enjoyable

Cartoon website xkcd.com offers the following list of suggested word substitutions to make reading the daily news — especially political reporting — much more entertaining.



For Trump, Media Coverage Equals Poll Points, Not Favorability


Share of all December Republican race media coverage Donald Trump has garnered — even higher than his long-term average of 54 percent, Reports FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver. “According to the regression, that extra media coverage is worth about 8 percentage points in the polls: almost exactly how much Trump has gained in national polls since the month began and enough to put him in the mid-30s in the polling average instead of the high 20s.” Silver notes: “The interesting thing, as we’ve pointed out before, is that a candidate can potentially gain in the polls in the short term by increasing his media coverage, even if he potentially hurts his favorability rating. Trump seems to realize this.”