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Newt’s Whining About Obama Again

If you’re a conservative, you think Barack Obama is literally destroying the country you love. And you watch your leadership and they seem unwilling to take him head on, and also unable to outmaneuver him.

— Newt Gingrich, quoted by the New York Times.


Gingrich Notes GOP Has No Alternative to Obamacare

I will bet you, for most of you, you go home in the next two weeks when your members of Congress are home, and you look them in the eye and you say, ‘What is your positive replacement for Obamacare?’ They will have zero answer. … We are caught up right now in a culture, and you see it every single day, where as long as we are negative and as long as we are vicious and as long as we can tear down our opponent, we don’t have to learn anything. We have to do the homework.

— Newt Gingrich, reprimanding his fellow Republicans in unusually harsh terms, blaming GOP lawmakers for not developing alternatives to President Obama’s health care reform law, CNN reports.


Gingrich: There are Limits to U.S. Ability to ‘Export Democracy’

I am a neoconservative. But at some point, even if you are a neoconservative, you need to take deep breath to ask if our strategies in Middle East have succeeded. It may be that our capacity to export democracy is a lot more limited than we thought.

— Newt Gingrich, telling the Washington Times that the United States’ ability to “export democracy” needs to be reevaluated and that “alternative strategies” should be considered.

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Rep. McDermott: Why Do Anti-Tax Political Groups Want Government Hand-Outs in the Form of Tax Breaks?

In a hearing on the IRS scandal, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) questioned representatives from tea party groups that appeared to be political groups who oppose taxation whether they actually qualified as social welfare groups as required by law in order to receive tax exemptions. His prepared statement follows:

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Gingrich: Obama is Best Gun Salesman Around

No one has done more for gun ownership than Barack Obama. If you look at the number of people who have bought guns since he became president, he has been the most successful salesman for people having the right to bear arms in modern history.

— Newt Gingrich, in an interview with Newsmax.

Poetic Justice

A Non-Unifying Principle

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum tried to meld their abilities.
They thought together on a ticket they could beat Mitt Romney.
But they couldn’t quit the argument
Over which one would be the president —
See, the only thing missing from their unity ticket was … unity.

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Thank You for Lowering the Cost of Gasoline, Mr. President

Gingrich pumping gas
Gingrich pumping gas
Forbes columnist Peter Cohan says he was paying $4.50 a gallon for gasoline last spring but that now the price has dropped to $3.49 a gallon. That cost difference would save him $582 a year, says Cohan, and when you aggregate those savings across the U.S. economy, they add $78.4 billion to GDP.

It seems a bit unusual for a journalist from the corporate press, but Cohan is more than willing to give credit where credit is due — he says the reduction in the cost of gas is a result of actions taken by Pres. Obama earlier this year:

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Penguin Bites Newt Gingrich

Move over honey badger. Penguin really don't care.

We imagine the penguin was just standing its ground.

Newt was nipped on the finger by a penguin during a private tour of the famous St. Louis zoo on Friday before he spoke to the National Rifle Association convention, zoo officials confirmed on Monday.

Gingrich, who is trailing in the Republican race for the White House and is under pressure to withdraw, passed unscathed through Big Cat Country and avoided contact with the crocodiles in the Herpetarium. But his visit took a turn when a Magellanic penguin pecked at the candidate’s hand.

“He was nipped on the finger by a penguin,” zoo public relations director Susan Gallagher said. “A Band-Aid took care of the injury.”

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Newt Bites Fox, Fox Snarks Back

art-nydailynews-cry-baby-newtNewt Gingrich lashed out at his former employer, Fox News, in a private meeting with a handful of Delaware tea baggers this week:

“I think FOX has been for Romney all the way through,” Gingrich said during the private meeting — to which RealClearPolitics was granted access — at Wesley College. “In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than FOX this year. We are more likely to get neutral coverage out of CNN than we are of FOX, and we’re more likely to get distortion out of FOX. That’s just a fact.

…“I assume it’s because Murdoch at some point [who] said, ‘I want Romney,’ and so ‘fair and balanced’ became ‘Romney,’ ” Gingrich said. “And there’s no question that Fox had a lot to do with stopping my campaign because such a high percentage of our base watches FOX.”

Translation: “It was okay with me that Fox was a Republican Party propaganda channel — until they turned their propagandizing against me.”

A little later, Newt’s Cry Baby personality — the one that shut down the U.S. government in 1996 because mean ol’ Bill Clinton made him ride in the back of Air Force One — had something to say:

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Why Jim DeMint – or a White Evangelical Southern Male Like Him – Will Be Romney’s VP Nominee

It is all but a dead cinch now that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president this year, not because he accrued the delegates he needs — he hasn’t — but because the campaigns of his two closest rivals have imploded.

Newt Gingrich’s sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian and Sands casinos in Las Vegas, recently announced he was pulling the plug on the Gingrich campaign. Gingrich is “at the end of his line,” Adelson said in informal remarks at a Jewish Federation of North America event in one of his casinos.

Rick Santorum inadvertently revealed that he knows his campaign is over — a revelation he has not shared with his donors or supporters — in an interview on Pat Robertson’s televangelical “news” network. Asked if he would be willing to be Romney’s running mate, Santorum said, “Of course. I mean, look. I would do in this race as I always say, this is the most important race in our country’s history. I’m going to do everything I can.”

Wrong answer. The correct answer would have been, “Fortunately, I’ll never have to make that decision, because I am going to be the nominee.” Thanks for playing.

The likelihood Romney would choose Santorum as his running mate is zilch — and not just because Santorum lost his last Senate race in Pennsylvania by double digits or because the Obama campaign would have a field day producing ads showing Romney’s running mate shaking an Etch-a-Sketch, describing Romney as “uniquely disqualified,” a “well-oiled weather vane,” “bland and boring” and a “bully.”

But that’s just one reason the Romney campaign won’t choose Santorum. The other reason is that Rick Santorum is a Catholic.

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