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Poetic Justice

A So-Called Judge

Donald Trump quoted “Judge” Napolitano without a care,
After the “judge” “reported” Obama’d wiretapped Trump’s golden lair.
If you embarrass Trump,
You’ll take your lumps,
Which is why Fox News’ Napolitano is off the air.

Poetic Justice

Evidence of Spicer’s Confidence

Sean Spicer’s “very confident” that evidence will emerge,
That Obama wiretapped Trump — they’re on the verge.
But without a doubt,
If it doesn’t come out,
They’ll just orchestrate another government purge.

Poetic Justice

Is He or Ain’t He?

Donald’s wiretapping claim was a wild allegation
That was met with widespread alarm and consternation.
In the chaos he instigated,
Trump says he isn’t being investigated,
But the Justice Department declined to confirm he’s not under investigation.


Sean Spicer Goes Through the Looking Glass

If we start down the rabbit hole of discussing this stuff, we end up in a very difficult place.

— White House press secretary Sean Spicer, quoted by the Boston Globe, on the basis for President Trump’s claims that former President Obama ordered wiretaps on his phones.

Poetic Justice

Translating Trump’s Tweets

Those Saturday tweets were not Trump venting his frustrations,
They were a Commander-In-Chief requesting investigations.
They weren’t a two-dollar watch wound too tight,
They were a simple call for congressional oversight.
And now, the White House will say no more about those “allegations.”


Lindsey Graham Is Either ‘Worried’ of ‘Very Worried’

I’m very worried that our president is suggesting the former president has done something illegal. I’d be very worried if in fact the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about Trump campaign activity with foreign governments. It’s my job as United States senator to get to the bottom of this.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), quoted by The Hill.