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Poetic Justice

Sex Toys for Tories

From Britain, we’re used to seeing some naughty bits,
And it’s easy to portray Parliament as a gaggle of twits.
But asking your assistant to buy sex toys
Is not just being “one of the boys,”
And neither is referring to her as “sugar tits.”

Poetic Justice

A Parliamentary Objection

He might be our so-called president,
And he might be the White House’s sole resident,
But when Trump goes to London,
Because of his “racism and sexism,”
He won’t be allowed to address Parliament.


Parliament to Take Up Measure to ban Donald Trump from the United Kingdom


Number of people who have signed a petition demanding that billionaire businessman Donald Trump be barred from entering the United Kingdom. “British members of Parliament “are to debate calls for the US presidential candidate Donald Trump to be banned from the UK following his controversial comments about Muslims, after more than half a million people signed a petition,” the Guardian reports. “Politicians will also discuss a separate petition opposing such a ban, even though it only gained about 40,000 signatures – well below the 100,000 threshold for triggering a debate.”


Pres. Obama’s Speech to the British Parliament

Transcript here.