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Few Maintain Inter-Party Friendships

64% to 55%

A new Pew Research survey shows a majority of both Republicans and Democrats say they have “just a few” or no friends in the opposing party. About 64% of Democrats and 55% of Republicans say they have “just a few” or “none” close friends who are Republicans or Democrats, respectively.


Three-Quarters of Americans Say Tone of Political Debate Spurs Violence


A new CBS News poll finds 73% of Americans say the tone of the political debate is encouraging political violence. “Democrats are especially likely to say so. About a third of Americans consider the recent shooting of a Congressman and others a terrorist attack.”


Americans Believe Nation’s Divisions Will Persist


Of Americans describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past, while just 12% say the country is no more divided, a new Pew Research survey finds. “The nature of the country’s political divisions is a rare point of partisan agreement: Comparable majorities of Democrats and Democratic leaners (88%) and Republicans and Republican leaners (84%) say the country is more divided these days than in the past.”


2016 Election Is a Choice Between Our ‘Best Traditions and Worst Fears’

The thing about the strongman candidacies is that they are secretly weak. They feed off feelings of fear and inadequacy. That’s why they target minority rights first. … And that is what’s happening here. We’ve seen brushfires of fear sweep through this election season, with mayors calling for internment camps, governors refusing refugees, and presidential candidates trying to win over the angriest inmates of the hyperpartisan asylum. This competition to connect with the reptile mind is beneath the country Lincoln once called ‘the last best hope of earth.’ … This is a time for choosing between our best traditions and our worst fears.”

— John Avlon, The Daily Beast


We Have Big Problems, But Small Politics

This is an era of titanic challenges and tiny politics. On issue after issue, the Republican and Democratic parties preen and pose but ultimately duck their responsibilities to solve the transcendent problems of our times.

— Ron Fournier, writing in National Journal.


Biden Explains What’s Wrong with Washington in Five Words

Politics has become too personal.

— Vice President Joe Biden, quoted by the New York Times, on why Washington doesn’t work well anymore.

Poetic Justice

Politics for Partisans

People used to participate in politics because they cared.
The more they participated, the better democracy fared.
But not these days,
When partisanship holds sway,
And the only ones who participate are the angry and the scared.


Voters: Democrats are Bad, but Republicans are Worse


Of Americans say Republicans are responsible for gridlock in Washington, D.C., while 35% percent say President Obama “lacks the skills to convince leaders of Congress to work together,” a new Quinnipiac poll finds. Asked another way, 53% say Obama is doing “too little” to compromise with congressional Republicans, but 68% of voters say congressional Republicans are doing “too little.” Said pollster Peter Brown: “Voters think the Democrats and Obama aren’t playing nice, but they think the Republicans are worse.”