Poll: Majority Thinks Polls Are Biased


Of those polled said they believe polls are biased in some way, though they couldn’t agree in which direction, while 17% said they thought polls had a liberal bias and 4% said they were slanted toward conservatives, a new Kantar poll finds.

Surveillance Programs Cut President’s Approval Rating 9 Percentage Points among Californians
And yet the Golden State still generally likes Obama 57 percent of Californians say they have a favorable view of the president overall

A new Field Poll, which is the gold standard in California polling, has found an unprecedented 9 percentage point drop in Pres. Obama’s approval ratings among Californians. Poll director Mark DiCamillo attributes the drop — from 61 percent approval in February to revelations that the government is spying on Americans by tracking phone and Internet [...]

Poll: North Carolinians Unhappy with Teabilly Takeover of State Government
PPP finds anger over the controversial abortion bill and cuts to aid for Medicaid patients and the unemployed -- tea party Gov. McCrory's approval rate is upside down

With the election of tea party Republican Pat McCrory as governor last year, the GOP completed its first takeover of the North Carolina government in nearly 150 years. Since then, the Republican governor and state House and Senate have generated one embarrassing headline after another. And what about jobs, jobs, jobs? Nada. At 8.8 percent [...]

A Ten Point Loss Is Welcome News for Florida Gov. Rick Scott
It Could Be -- and Has Been -- Worse

The news was all good for Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Tea/GOP) in a recent Quinnipiac University poll…if you consider losing re-election to any competitor by at least six points to be good news. In a match-up with former Gov. Charlie Crist (who is considering running against him as a Democrat), Scott would lose 47 – [...]

Americans Approve Fighting Terror — in Theory


Of Americans support the government investigating potential terror even if it means sacrificing privacy, but when asked about the actual means to investigate, only 56% said it was acceptable to search phone records, and 52% supported monitoring email. Another 34% believe preserving privacy is more important than foiling terror.

Poll: 58% of Californians Support Gay Marriage

Los Angeles Times: As the Supreme Court prepares a decision on the fate of Proposition 8, nearly six in 10 California voters now believe same-sex marriage should be legal, with support rising among older voters and in all regions of the state, a new poll has found. The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll reveals that [...]

Republicans Post Big Jump in Unpopularity


Change in the GOP’s unfavorability ratings, according to a new CNN poll in which 59% of respondents said they have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican party, while 35% were still favorable. The numbers were more even for Democrats, with 52% of those polled saying they view the party favorably and 43% seeing it unfavorably. The response to the tea party movement was, as would be expected, the strangest, with 37% seeing it favorably, 45% unfavorably, an astounding 7% reporting that they never heard of it, and 11% withholding any opinion.

Proof That S.C. Voters Should Never, Ever Get Back Together With Former Gov. Mark Sanford

Former Gov. Mark Sanford’s braying jackassiness shone through in his recent debate with opponent Elizabeth Colbert-Busch. Both are running from South Carolina for a seat in the United States House of Representatives. The election is Tuesday, May 7, and polls show Busch expanding her lead or tying with Sanford, depending on the political affiliations of [...]

Senate Goes Rogue: Votes to Continue Gun Show and Internet Loophole

The next time there’s a mass shooting and they’re asked what they did to prevent it, they’re going to have to say nothing.

Erica Lafferty, the daughter of the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, who was shot and killed along with 20 first-graders and five teachers during five minutes in December of 2012. Lafferty was reacting to news that the Senate failed to pass a bill to close a loophole exempting gun shows and online gun sales from background checks. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) joined three other Democrats and all but four Republicans in voting against the measure, which polls show that 90 percent of Americans favor.

More Voters Want to Send Democrats to Congress


Registered voters who said they would vote for a generic Democratic Congressional candidate, were an election held today. Only 37% would pick the generic Republican, according to the conservative polling site, Rasmussen Reports, which is having a bad start to the week. The site’s own surveys show that 52% of likely voters approve of the job Pres. Obama is doing while 46% disapprove, and that, for the first time in five years, less than half of those questioned believe the economy is still in recession.