Obama’s Weekly Address Isn’t So Ho-Hum

Week in and week out, the president posts his “Weekly Address,” a reiteration of the best answer to the most pressing problem of the time, which will never see daylight because of Republican opposition to anything Obama-related. It’s easy to tune out Obama’s message, just to save a little heartbreak. This week, in the wake [...]

Pres. Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ Interview Has Upset Republicans – Because It’s Working

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama from President Barack Obama Republicans say they are agitated that Pres. Obama went on Zach Galifinakis’ fake interview show, “Between Two Ferns,” to promote the Affordable Care Act because he should be spending all of his time on the crisis in the Crimea — never mind [...]

Poll: Obama’s Job at 48% – Biggest Improvement in Polling in His Presidency


Approval rate of Pres. Obama’s job performance — up from 42 percent in December, representing the biggest move up yet in his polling positive as president, according to a Bloomberg National Poll. He’s also registering an improved favorability rating at 49 percent, the highest since last June.

$27 Million Down the Drain? Doh!
Koch Brothers Just Can't Catch a Break in Obamacare Battle

Bad news for whoever is writing the checks at Americans for Prosperity (AFP). The Koch brothers’ political organization has spent $27 million since last August, with millions more planned, on ads attacking Senate Democrats who voted for healthcare reform and who are up for re-election this year. A new poll shows they are likely wasting [...]

No Victimless Crimea

Ukrainian rioters woke up the sleeping bear, it’s true,
So Putin invades Crimea and whatever else he wants to do.
But Obama’s moving slow,
Taught by “The Big Lebowski,” he knows:
“Some days you et the bar and some days the bar ets you.”

International Group Accidently Provides Evidence that Obamacare is the Best Health System

If you want to live a long life, don’t come to America. According to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the average lifespan of people in the United States is only 78.7 years, putting us at number 26 among the OECD’s 34 member nations. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), [...]

McCain Cautions Against Counting Obama Out

We all wear thin with the American people after a while. To count a man of that talent out at this point in time in his administration would be a huge mistake.

— Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), quoted by the AP, on President Obama’s declining poll numbers.

Tired of the Non-stop News Stories of How Bad the Obamacare Website Was? Now That It’s Fixed, Where Are the Stories?

You know all those, “Ain’t it awful?” stories you’ve been hearing ad nauseam since the launch of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) website on Oct. 1? Expect to hear not one more word. Now that things are working great, we’re betting that not only will you never hear again how bad they are, you will [...]

On British Television, Oprah Assesses the State of Racism in America’s Republican Party

Republicans do not like Oprah’s assertion that racism won’t end until the current older generation of white bigots, the vast, vast majority of whom are Republicans, dies off. But you’ll notice that the push back from Limbaugh and the rest are mostly personal attacks and criticisms of Oprah and the president, and thin on arguments [...]

Poll: Majority Believes Obama Believed His Assertion That Coverage Would Remain Intact To Be True


Percentage of respondents in the most recent Washington Post/ABC Poll who agreed that Pres. Obama believed it to be true when he asserted that customers who liked their insurance plans could keep their plans under the Affordable Care Act.