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Poetic Justice

The -Istist of the -Ists

We thought Donald Trump was a capitalist,
But now we’re told he’s a populist nationalist.
With Priebus his wing man,
And Bannon his string man,
Is it a surprise the terms rhyme with fascist.

Poetic Justice

Such a Chimera!

You probably will not believe us,
But at CPAC performed Bannon and Priebus.
One-half is alt-righter,
The other’s a liar,
And we prefer to call ’em Butthead and Beavis.


Priebus Rails Against Anonymous Sources

I think that the media should stop with this unnamed source stuff. Put names on a piece of paper and print it. If people aren’t willing to put their name next to a quote, then the quote shouldn’t be listed.

— Reince Priebus, in an interview with CBS News.


Republicans Tell RNC to Stop Supporting Trump


Number of Republicans who signed an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus urging him to stop spending money to help Donald Trump win in November and instead shift those contributions to Senate and House races, Politico reports.


One Day Priebus Grew a Pair

[RNC Chairman Reince] Priebus was on vacation when he learned that Trump had declined to endorse Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House and a close friend. The chairman had a frank message for the nominee, according to two Republican officials briefed on the call. Priebus told Trump that internal GOP polling suggested he was on track to lose the election. And if Trump didn’t turn around his campaign over the coming weeks, the Republican National Committee would consider redirecting party resources and machinery to House and Senate races.



Priebus Promises ‘No Games’ in Cleveland

There won’t be any games in Cleveland. If someone’s at 1,237, they’re going to be the presumptive nominee. No one can get talked out of it. Nobody can be promised something to make that not happen.

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, quoted by Politico.


Priebus Spins the Trump Effect as a Positive for the GOP

I think it is a positive for our party. When you have 30 million people watching, not to mention the fact that we have 16 other incredible candidates out there I think we are showing America that we are the young, diverse party, offering a whole slew of options for people and that’s a good thing.

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, in an interview on WISN, on whether Donald Trump is a positive force for Republicans.


Priebus Actually Thinks GOP Candidates Would Keep a Pledge

I think our candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate.

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, quoted by Politico.


Republicans Continue to Pound Clinton, Ignore Bush, Over Emails

Even Nixon didn’t destroy the tapes.

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, quoted by The Hill, blasting Hillary Clinton for wiping her private email server and permanently deleting all emails.

News & Comment

Like ISIS, US Christian Extremists Advocate Killing Gays – But ISIS Is Actually Doing It

ISIS executes a gay man by pushing him off  of a rooftop
ISIS executes a gay man by pushing him off of a rooftop

While ISIS has been barraging the world media with horrific images — burning a Jordanian pilot alive and beheading journalists, aid workers and, most recently, 21 Egyptian Christians — it has also been executing gay men by hurling them to their deaths off of rooftops and other high places. Two men were also reportedly crucified for being gay.

ISIS appears to be handling these two kinds of public murders differently. By releasing videos of its executions of hostages, ISIS seeks international publicity as a gambit to stoke outrage, fear and horror in order to lure the civilized world into an Armageddon-like conflagration in the Middle East. The executions of gay men are handled with less fanfare, however, because ISIS views these murders as simply carrying out God’s judgment for the sin of homosexuality, based on scriptures in the Koran.

Most Americans view this sort of barbarism toward gays with detachment — it’s a faraway Muslim death cult acting out its extremist views. In fact, on the issue of homosexuality, ISIS is aligned with Christian extremists right here in the United States, many of whom also interpret God’s law as calling for the execution of gays.

There is a key difference, of course. While Christianists advocate killing gays, ISIS is actually doing it.

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