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The Backlash Against Religious Freedom Laws Is Significant


Of Americans think businesses should not be able to refuse service to gay weddings on religious grounds, while 41% do, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research poll. That’s a significant shift from a Pew Research poll last September that found 47% in favor of religious freedom laws and a January AP-Gfk poll that found 57% in favor. “One of the apparent side effects of the religious freedom controversies in Indiana and (to a lesser extent) Arkansas: More Americans now oppose such laws than before,” the Washington Post reports.


Oklahoma A.G. Defends Distributing Bibles on Public School Campuses

It is a challenging time in our country for those who believe in religious liberty. Our religious freedoms are under constant attack from a variety of groups who seek to undermine our constitutional rights and threaten our founding principles.

— Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R), in a letter to public school superintendents across the state vowing to defend religious freedom amid “veiled legal threats” over the distribution of Bibles on campuses, Tulsa World reports.

Poetic Justice

‘Equality’ in Kentucky

Kentucky’s got gays all in a dither,
With an argument that’s hard to decipher.
Makes no difference, Kentuckians debate,
Whether you are gay or straight —
Who can have same-sex sex in Kentucky? Neither!


Cruz Calls Big Biz ‘Shameless’ Over ‘Religious Freedom’ Laws

The Fortune 500 is running shamelessly to endorse the radical gay marriage agenda over religious liberty to say: ‘We will persecute a Christian pastor, a Catholic priest, a Jewish rabbi.’ Any person of faith is subject to persecution if they dare disagree, if their religious faith parts way from their political commitment to gay marriage.

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), ripping “business leaders who haven’t defended religious freedom laws like the one in Indiana, which has sparked a firestorm of debate,” the Des Moines Register reports.


Governor Will Not Sign Arkansas’ ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

This is a bill that in ordinary times would not be controversial. But these are not ordinary times.

— Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R), saying he will not sign a controversial religious liberty bill, and that he wants lawmakers to recall the bill and change it to more closely resemble federal law, the Washington Post reports.