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Trump, GOP Congress Will get Blamed for Higher Healthcare Costs


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds 50% of Americans say they will blame President Trump and congressional Republicans if health care costs increase under Obamacare and if more end up losing coverage, while 37% say they would put the blame on former President Obama and Democrats. As for Trump’s tax plan, 25% of Americans say it’s a good idea, compared with 35% who say it’s a bad idea; another 39% say they don’t have an opinion.


Fewer than a Third of Voters Back Trump’s Tax Plan


Reuters/IPSOS: Of those adults who said they had heard of the “tax reform plan recently proposed by congressional Republicans,” just 28 percent said they support it, while 41 percent said they oppose it and another 31 percent said they do not know. The poll found opinions on Trump’s plan were sharply divided along party lines, with 56 percent of Republicans and just 9 percent of Democrats supporting it.


GOP Gov’s Tax Cuts Lead to $1 Billion Shortfall for Kansas

$1 billion

Kansas’ shortfall in revenue in 2015 and 2016 following massive income tax cuts signed into law by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback (R), the Kansas City Star reports. “The new figure raises the prospect of deep cuts in the state budget following controversial income tax cuts that Brownback vigorously defended during his re-election campaign against Democrat Paul Davis. Critics worry that schools, roads and social services will be among the areas cut in coming months.”

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Moveon.org: Obama Back

Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats for passing the middle-class tax extensions today. Over to you, Leader Reid.


Extending High-Income Tax Cuts Would Balloon Deficit

$3.9 trillion

Amount extending the Bush tax cuts for high-income households would add to the deficit over the next 10 years. The increase would, “slow future economic growth, saddle future generations with sizable interest payments, and leave the nation ill-prepared not only for the retirement of baby boomers but also for responding to potential future crises…”



Remember, the lack of jobs in America today was created by Republicans. What happened to all the jobs [President George W.] Bush’s big tax cuts were supposed to create? Now Republicans want more tax cuts for the wealthy and again say they will create jobs?

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