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Kavanaugh a Massive Liability for GOP

“Kavanaugh is a massive liability now for a party that is already heavily identified with the grossest and most predatory aspects of male sexual entitlement. Keeping Kavanaugh at this point would be an act of sheer madness.”

Jonathan Chait


Barbara Bush Marvels Why Women Would Vote for Trump

I don’t know how women can vote for him … It’s incomprehensible to me.

— Barbara Bush, in an interview with CBS News, on Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.


GOP Strategist Says Clinton Lacks ‘Subtlety’

Hillary Clinton on this woman thing, I think, is lacking subtlety. I don’t need her to drown me in estrogen every time she opens her mouth.

— GOP strategist Anna Navarro, quoted by TPM.


House Member Says Democrats Using Women’s Issues as ‘Pawns’

Many ladies I know feel like they are being used as pawns, and find it condescending [that] Democrats are trying to use this issue as a political distraction from the failures of their economic policy.

— Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), saying Democrats’ push for pay equity between men and women is “condescending,” the Huffington Post reports.


Texas GOP Leader Says Men Are Better Negotiators

Men are better negotiators, and I would encourage women, instead of pursuing the courts for action, to become better negotiators.

— Texas Republican Party Executive Director Beth Cubriel, quoted by Huffington Post, explaining the GOP’s position on fair pay legislation.


Republicans Still Don’t Understand Women

It’s hard for me to phrase this politely. Sometimes Republicans think that just putting a woman up front means somehow that women are going to feel good about the party. It is not about the messenger. It’s about the message. And until we figure that one out, while it’s nice that we have a woman as a spokesperson, if the message itself doesn’t get changed a bit, it’s not going to work.

— Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R), quoted by the Los Angeles Times, on Republicans picking a woman to rebut the State of the Union address.


Kentucky Lawmaker Tries to Characterize Abortions as ‘Domestic Violence’

The most brutal form of domestic violence is the violence against unborn children. And, this particular bill would prohibit abortions after the fetus feels pain, which is 20 weeks and older.

— Kentucky state Rep. Joe Fischer (R), who “has amended a bill expanding domestic violence protections for dating couples to include language limiting abortions,” WFPL reports.

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Pat Robertson, Fresh Off the Campaign Trail with Mitt, Advises a Man to Beat His Wife

Keep in mind as you watch Pat Robertson advise a man whose wife insults him that he needs to move to Saudi Arabia so he can “become a Muslim and beat her,” that Mitt campaigned this weekend with Pat at his side. Make no mistake about the “conservative” attitude toward women: we are to submit to male authority and if we don’t, well a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

Nice try by the CBN host to save Pat from saying more, and to laugh off his comments, but we get it. It’s called the Republican War on Women, and it just keeps escalating.

Update: Someone on Facebook reminded us that Vice Pres. Joe Biden was the author of the Violence Against Women Act, and that our choice in November couldn’t be clearer.

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