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Republican National Committee Has Already Contacted 20 Million Voters

20 million

“The RNC told NBC News it has already made 20 million traditional voter contacts by phone or door knocking this election cycle, a large number for a non-presidential election year. … That’s just part of the total 487 million contacts it says it has already made this cycle, including emails opened (250 million), calls made for data gathering purposes (183 million), digital petitions or surveys completed (19 million), direct mail sent (9.6 million), and get-out-the-vote calls made (5.6 million).”


RNC Sets Fundraising Record

“The Republican National Committee raised more than $100 million in the first nine months of 2017, marking the first time it has raised that much, that fast, in a non-presidential election year,” McClatchy reports.


RNC Goes Dark as Trump Implodes

s Donald Trump’s campaign unravels, the Republican National Committee has gone dark — failing to give GOP vendors guidance on whether to keep working for the nominee or to move resources into down-ballot races, and not even returning calls from party members ahead of a critical late-afternoon meeting about the way forward.



Republicans Tell RNC to Stop Supporting Trump


Number of Republicans who signed an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus urging him to stop spending money to help Donald Trump win in November and instead shift those contributions to Senate and House races, Politico reports.


Because Voters LIKE to Be Insulted

It’s not going to be an easy election, it’s a close election. Like I said, much closer than I can even understand why. I don’t want to say anything about your Wisconsin voters but, some of them might not be as sharp as a knife.

— RNC co-chair Sharon Day, quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, while campaigning in Wisconsin.


RNC to Spend $100 Million on Voter Turnout

$100 million

Amount the Republican National Committee is on track to spend in the midterm campaign, “with virtually every dime plowed into the party’s new digital voter-turnout program,” the Washington Examiner reports.

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From the Right, They All Look Alike

Fox News: All sad Asians look alike.

Remember during the last presidential campaign when Mitt Romney was reaching out for the Hispanic vote and the Republican National Committee jumped in to help out with a Latino-oriented website that featured a stock photo of Asians instead of Latinos?

Well, it’s happened again. To Fox News.

Figuring one sad Asian is as good as another, Fox ran video of a grief-stricken woman mourning the Sherpas who died on Mount Everest in a story about the Sewol Korean ferry disaster. Koreans living in the United States could tell the difference, even if the bright lights at Fox couldn’t, and spoke up.

Fox News: Fair and Balanced — and Dumb as Rocks.

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Citizens Untied: NBC, CNN Getting Millions in Free Publicity for Their Hillary Bios from an Unlikely Source – RNC Chair Reince Priebus

Just 32 months after the Republican majority on the Supreme Court struck down campaign laws could that had prevented Citizens United, an anti-Clinton lobbying group, from airing a 2002 propaganda hit piece against then-Sen. Hillary Clinton — and just nine months after a campaign in which the Citizen United ruling helped the Republican National Committee and others raise millions of dollars for Mitt Romney’s failed presidential bid — the RNC has executed a dramatic 180-degree reversal on its position against censoring Hillary Clinton film bios.

To put it another way, Republicans were against censoring Hillary biopics before they were for censoring them.

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Republican National Committee Meets in the Heart of Hollywood But Can’t Drum up GOP Stars to Lend Youth-Oriented Buzz to the Event

The RNC could not find a movie or TV star to attend its 2013 spring meeting in Hollywood as part of its outreach to young people, so Dick Cheney, the GOP’s favorite living war criminal, was flown in to deliver a lunchtime speech

The Republican National Committee is holding its spring meeting this week in a hotel in the heart of Hollywood. As these sorts of events go, this one has generated more speculation about the GOP’s rationale for choosing to meet in a place that is home to an industry Republicans revile, and vice versa, than it has actual news coverage on local outlets.

So what was RNC Chairman Reince Priebus thinking when he decided to hold his spring meeting behind enemy lines?

The answer comes from Beltway insider Politico.com, which notes that a key criticism in the Republican National Committee’s aptly nicknamed 2012 election “autopsy” report released last month was that the “party is seen as old and detached from pop culture.” To counter this, the autopsy committee recommended that the GOP “establish an RNC Celebrity Task Force of personalities in the entertainment industry to host events for the RNC and allow donors to participate in entertainment events as a way to attract younger voters.”

Preibus’ decision to hold the meeting in Hollywood appears to have been the first step in the party’s celebrity outreach — and, if so, this first step has clearly been an abysmal, even laughable failure, so much so that Priebus is now denying that reaching out to celebrities had anything to do with his choice of Hollywood as the meeting site.

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RNC Chair Steele Insists Party Will Waste Money, Resources on California GOP Campaigns This Year

Despite the fact that the two highest profile Republican candidates running in California this year — gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman and U.S. Senate nominee Carly Fiorina — both oppose abortion in a state that is solidly pro-choice, RNC Chairman Michael Steele says the national party will pour money and resources into GOP campaigns this year:

[National] Republicans, buoyed by what they see as a potential resurgence in California, pledged on Tuesday to send significant financial, logistical and strategic resources to the state in coming weeks.

[Steele], speaking to reporters on a conference call, said Republicans in years past have treated California as a “flyover” state because of Democrats’ electoral edge, or little more than fertile grounds for fundraising.

“The days of just grabbing and going or just ignoring altogether are over,” he said, after meeting with California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring in Washington. “We’re going to be full partners on the ground.”

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