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Poetic Justice

Can’t Dodge It, Roger

When a blonde news bimbo or three assails ya,
After propriety and professionalism have failed ya,
If you’re Murdoch’s Fox News,
You know what to do —
Go ahead, get rid of what Ailes ya.


Murdoch Characterizes Christies as a ‘Suicide Bomber’

Chris Christie, suicide bomber. Damages victim while blowing himself up!

— Rupert Murdoch, on Twitter after the governor finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary.


Seven or Eight Errors Deleted by Murdoch-Owned Publisher of ‘Clinton Cash’

7 or 8Number of erroneous statements deleted from the text of “Clinton Cash” in the Kindle version published by HarperCollins, a company owned by Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch, according to right-leaning Politico. The book’s author, right-wing propagandist and former Sarah Palin adviser Peter Schweizer, has a reputation for publishing books and articles that have proven to be riddled with errors and misstatements of facts.

News & Comment

Did News Corp’s Muslim Billionaire Investor Force Fox News to Apologize for Anti-Islam ‘Errors’?

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, billionaire investor in Fox News' parent company
Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, billionaire investor in Fox News’ parent company

Fox News apologized not once but twice Saturday night for false statements about European Muslims made repeatedly during the network’s broadcasts last week. Because Fox disseminates lies and misinformation so regularly and apologizes so rarely, the fact that it issued two “wea culpas” on the same night — albeit during the weekend while no one was watching — appears to be significant. Of course, Fox is not revealing why it issued the apologies, nor whether it did so under pressure and, if so, from whom.

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Ad Shows What Australians Think of Rupert Murdoch Meddling in Their Politics

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Romney’s Top Operative Undercuts Key GOP Talking Point, Says Mitt Agrees with Pres. Obama That Heritage Mandate Penalty Is Not a Tax

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In an appearance on Chuck Todd’s oddly named MSNBC show “The Daily Rundown” this morning, Mitt Romney’s top campaign adviser Eric “Etch-A-Sketch” Fehrnstrom admitted that Romney agrees with Pres. Obama on a fundamental issue of legal semantics about the Affordable Care Act. Fehrnstrom said that, in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling otherwise, the penalty to be imposed on people who refuse to buy insurance under the Heritage Foundation-invented mandate in the Affordable Care Act is not a “tax.”

At minute 4:24, Todd finally gets a definitive answer:

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Poetic Justice

One Sorry Apology

As the News Corp. scandal unfolds, we take stock
Of whose phone got hacked, who got clocked.
Old Rupe tries to parry
By saying he’s sorry —
But really, what’s an apology worth from a Murdoch?

Poetic Justice

The Bad News

Setting aside Rupert Murdoch’s political views
And the business tactics he’s wont to use,
At his News International
It’s become quite fashionable
To break laws while “breaking” the “news.”

Poetic Justice

Getting Over Olbermann

Ah, Keith, we hardly knew ye,
During your tenure at MSNBC.
‘Twas that evil Murdoch
Who put your head on the block,
But in doing so did he give us a senator-to-be?

On Message

On Message: GOP-Fox TV

GOP-Fox TV After years of speculation, the connection between Fox News and the Republican Party became public on Aug. 17, 2010, with the revelation that Fox’s owner, News Corp, had donated $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association. This move reverses a position taken four months earlier by News Corps CEO Rupert Murdoch, who, when asked if it was appropriate for Fox News to promote rallies sponsored by Republican operatives doing business as the “tea party,” said, “No, I don’t think we should be supporting the tea party or any party.” Now that the financial relationship between Fox and the Republican Party has been established, the network should no longer be described as a “news channel.” Editors should use “GOP-Fox TV” instead of “Fox News Channel” in all references.