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Support for Same-Sex Marriage Reaches All-Time High


A new Gallup poll finds that approval for same-sex marriages hit an all time high of 67% — a near mirror image of public opinion on the issue just 22 years ago.


Support for Same-Sex Marriage Continues to Rise


A new Gallup poll finds 64% of U.S. adults say same-sex marriages should be recognized by the law as valid. “Although not meaningfully different from the 61% last year, this is the highest percentage to date and continues the generally steady rise since Gallup’s trend began in 1996.”


Graham to Kentucky Clerk: ‘Comply or Resign’

As a public official, comply with the law or resign.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, on the defiant Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.


Anti-Gay Marriage Kentucky County Clerk Has Been Divorced Three Times


Number of times Rowan (Kentucky) County Clerk Kim Davis has been married, reports U.S. News & World Report. Davis is facing potentially stiff penalties for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, raising questions of hypocrisy and selective application of the Bible to her life.


Congressional Candidate Calls Gays ‘Gremlins’ in Facebook Post

Same-sex marriage is “a pestilence that has descended on our society, against our will, by those in the courts and government that do not value the traditional family. Same sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life.

— Anthony Culler (R), who is challenging Rep. James Clyburn (D) for a South Carolina congressional seat, referring to same-sex couples as “gremlins” and “bullies” in a Facebook post, according to The Hill.

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Candidate for Texas Governor is Arguing for a Ban on Marriage Among Older People

oldermarriageOne of the dearest moments during the wedding of my friends Cathy and Warren came when the minister accidentally stumbled into the part of the vows where he often asked those gathered to support the couple as they raised any children resulting from their union. A stunned silence was followed by Cathy saying, “Um, we can skip that.”

At the time, Cathy was 56 and Warren was 68. Both of them widows, their children from their previous marriages — all in their 20s and 30s, some with children of their own — led the laughter.

Abbott: ‘Same-sex marriage does not advance the state’s interest because same-sex unions do not result in pregnancy’

But according to the “traditional” marriage crowd, Cathy and Warren shouldn’t even have been allowed to marry. Instead, they claim marriage should be reserved for those who plan to conceive and raise children. So older folks, the infertile, and all who chose to remain childless should be barred from legal marriage. Being “partners,” “companions,” or as gay couples used to have to call themselves, “lifelong friends,” should be enough.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R), who is running against Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) to replace Rick Perry as governor, said exactly that in a brief filed before an appeals court to uphold the Texas ban on same-sex marriage.

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Huckabee Hugs the Right in Response to SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision

It is shocking that many elected officials, attorneys, and judges think that a court ruling is the ‘final word.’ It most certainly is not. The courts are one branch of government, and equal to the other two, but not superior to either and certainly not to both. Even if the other two branches agree with the ruling, the people’s representatives have to pass enabling legislation to authorize same sex marriage, and the President (or Governor in the case of the state) has to sign it. Otherwise, it remains the court’s opinion. It is NOT the ‘law of the land’ as is often heralded. The courts can’t make law. They can interpret it and even rule that a law is unconstitutional, but they have no power to create it or enforce it.

— Former Arkansas governor, former presidential candidate and former FOX News commentator Mike Huckabee, on his website, lamenting the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear same-sex marriage appeals cases.


Majority of Americans Now Live in States Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal

165 million

The number of people living in states where same-sex marriage is legal, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Monday to decline hearing a series of appeals cases, according to Nate Silver. The decision had the effect of immediately legalizing gay marriage in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, for a total of 19 states and the District of Columbia. “That means for the first time, same-sex marriage is legal for the majority of the U.S. population. The 26 states where the practice is not legal have a total population of about 151 million.”

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Map Shows Progress on Marriage Equality

Source: Mother Jones

Marriage equality is now the law in the Pacific Coast states and Hawaii, the Northeast, New Mexico and four states in the Midwest.

To access an interactive version of this map on the Mother Jones website that provides status and updates on laws state-by-state, click here.


Another Republican Reverses His Stance on Same-Gender Marriage

Life is too short to have the force of government stand in the way of two adults whose pursuit of happiness includes marriage.

— Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), quoted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, reversing his opposition to same-sex marriage.