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Hannity: Border Deal a ‘Garbage Compromise’

“Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain.”

— Sean Hannity, quoted by Politico, after lawmakers announced a border deal to prevent a government shutdown.


Hannity Linked to Real Estate Shell Companies

$90 million

Fox News host Sean Hannity “is linked to a group of shell companies that have spent $90 million buying hundreds of homes across the U.S through the help of foreclosures and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development,” the Guardian reports.


Hannity Suggests Shutting Down White House Press Office

People don’t need them any more. They’re done. I suggested the other day that if any of these organizations were involved in collusion with the Clinton campaign, why do they get a seat in the White House press office? Why does Donald Trump need a White House press office? He doesn’t. You know, you can have a pool person that’s standing by if, God forbid, there’s any bad news about the president that the country needs to know, but his own staff could tweet it out, for crying out loud.

— TV talking head Sean Hannity, telling Breitbart News Daily that President-elect Donald Trump should shut down the White House press office.


Sean Hannity Is One of Trump’s Biggest Supporters at $31 Million

$31 million

Amount of free advertising Fox News host Sean Hannity has given Donald Trump’s campaign, according to an analysis by liberal watchdog Media Matters.


If Trump Loses, Hannity Will Blame Ryan

If in 96 days Trump loses this election, I am pointing the finger directly at people like Paul Ryan.

— Sean Hannity, quoted by Yahoo News.


Hannity Doesn’t Like Maher as a Person, but Does Like What He Says

I don’t like Bill Maher as a person, but I think Bill Maher is good for America. He says all these outrageous things; he’s almost become an iconoclasm because he’s willing to speak the truth when so many others in the media are scared to death.

— FOX News talking wingnut Sean Hannity, to guests Greta Van Susteren and Bob Beckel on his show.


Hannity Is Not a Republican?!

I’m not a Republican, though people often mistake me for one.

— Sean Hannity, in an interview with Playboy.


Fred Willard Was Arrested in a Theatre for Doing What Hannity Did to George Zimmerman on Fox

Fred Willard was arrested in a theater for doing what Sean Hannity was doing to George Zimmerman on TV.

@JohnFugelsang on Twitter

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Caught on Video: Sean Hannity’s Five-Second Flip-Flop on Teleprompter Use

Click the screenshot to see the video at Gawker.com
Click the screenshot to see the video at Gawker.com

Before his identity was uncovered and Fox News fired him, the “Fox Mole” provided a video to Gawker of an off-air, sotto voce pre-interview conversation between Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity in which they both criticized Pres. Obama’s use of teleprompters and then, literally within seconds, reversed themselves on the subject, with Hannity even agreeing that Romney’s dependence on teleprompters is “smart.”

In the video, Romney, a world-class champion flip-flopper, executes his 180-degree flip on teleprompters in a heart-stopping one-half of a second. It takes Hannity, the slow poke, just five seconds to completely reverse his opinion from being against teleprompters when the president uses them to being for them when Romney, the official presidential candidate of Fox News does — and 22 seconds after dissing the president, Hannity even tells Romney he is “smart” to use teleprompters because “they’re out to just eviscerate anybody who makes a mistake.” (The Gawker video is unembedable, but you can watch it by clicking here or the screenshot at the top.)

Here’s the transcript, which picks up at about 28 seconds into the video:

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