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Sean Spicer Embarrasses Himself — Again

“Despite its best efforts, America could not shame Sean Spicer out of joining Dancing With the Stars. So there was the former White House press secretary on the ABC reality show’s 28th season premiere on Monday night, wearing a frilly yellow shirt that evoked Big Bird and a pair of tight-fitting white pants. … It didn’t get any better after that.”

Daily Beast


Republicans Can Be Funny — Sometimes

“Just attended the largest book launch party in history. Period.”

— Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), on Twitter, about Sean Spicer’s book event last night.

Poetic Justice

So Long, Sean!

Sean Spicer was someone Donald Trump could count on —
He’d stand at the podium and lie until the day was done.
But Trump pulled a doozy
When he tapped Anthony Scaramucci,
And now that old reliable Sean is gone.


Journalist Sees Spicer as ‘Useless’

“So the White House press secretary is getting to a point… where he’s just kind of useless.”

— CNN’s Jim Acosta, quoted by The Hill, complaining that Sean Spicer won’t answer questions on camera.


Two-Thirds Think Trump Is His Own Worst Spokesman

61% to 33%

A new Monmouth University poll finds that President Trump may not be well-served by his primary spokespeople, but he is probably his own worst mouthpiece. “More Americans say that Donald Trump, press secretary Sean Spicer, and counselor Kellyanne Conway tend to hurt rather than help the administration’s cause when they step in front of the media. Reviews are mixed for deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Vice President Mike Pence is the only official tested in the poll who has a net positive impact when he speaks on behalf of the administration.” Key finding: 61% of Americans say Trump does more to hurt his own cause when he speaks on behalf of the administration. Just 33% say he does more to help his administration when he speaks publicly.

Poetic Justice

Sean, Lamb of Trump

In another administration Sean Spicer would have been fired.
But he’s actually just what the Trump White House required.
He’s a stand-up white guy,
Who will stand there and lie and lie,
And for that trait — at least in Trumplandia — he’s admired.

Poetic Justice

Spicer’s Hitler Misstep

For Sean Spicer, every day on the job must be a trial —
We never know where he’s going to land on the incompetence/malevolence dial.
But with his demented comparison of Assad and Hitler
He really dug deep into the shitter.
Now, to his litany of sins and lies he can add Holocaust denial.

News & Comment

What Really Goes on at White House Press Briefings

White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaks during the administration’s daily press briefing in Washington, D.C., on March 28.  Joshua Roberts/Reuters
White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaks during the administration’s daily press briefing in Washington, D.C., on March 28.
Joshua Roberts/Reuters

Slate’s Seth Stevenson offers a great insider’s view of the ongoing trainwreck that is Press Secretary Sean Spicer in his article, “The Daily Show.”

The real problem in the briefing room isn’t the kind of questions getting asked, who’s being allowed to ask them, or how they’re phrased. It’s the posturing of the press secretary and the brazenness of his lies. Consider that, during contentious moments in past administrations, press secretaries managed to remain collegial from the podium. Even deferential.

It’s long, but well worth reading to get, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story.” Because all we citizens ever see of it is the snippets on TV or the theater of the absurd quotation outtakes.

Stevenson gives a more well-rounded view of the proceedings — but Sean Spicer is still a “keg-shaped bully” and a liar.

Poetic Justice

Evidence of Spicer’s Confidence

Sean Spicer’s “very confident” that evidence will emerge,
That Obama wiretapped Trump — they’re on the verge.
But without a doubt,
If it doesn’t come out,
They’ll just orchestrate another government purge.


Sean Spicer Goes Through the Looking Glass

If we start down the rabbit hole of discussing this stuff, we end up in a very difficult place.

— White House press secretary Sean Spicer, quoted by the Boston Globe, on the basis for President Trump’s claims that former President Obama ordered wiretaps on his phones.