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Kislyak Won’t Name Trumpers He’s Spoken to

“First, I’m never going to do that. And second, the list is so long that I’m not going to be able to go through it in 20 minutes.”

— Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, saying that it would take him more than 20 minutes to name all of the Trump officials he’s met with or spoken to on the phone, CNBC reports.

Poetic Justice

Republocracy in Action

The first time Sergey Kislyak met with Jess Sessions
Was on the sidelines of the Republican Convention.
We might question the wisdom
Of inviting the Russian,
But it’s a program to show ambassadors “democracy in action.”

Poetic Justice

Good Nominee Advice

When testifying to Congress, make a good impression,
Answer honestly and fully any member’s questions.
Like when you’ve been meeting with Russian spies,
It’s probably inappropriate to tell lies,
Or you’ll wind up in a pickle, like Jeff Sessions.