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Turn off the State of the Union


What Boehner Did During the SOTU

This is the president’s night, and so I sit there and try to make no news. Although, inside, I’ve got a lotta things rollin’ through my mind.

— Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), quoted by the AP, on what he’s thinking about during the State of the Union address.

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Obama Adds New Words to SOTU Lexicon

obama_1400-740x493Ben Smith of Northeastern University analyzed the language of President Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night against every SOTU since 1790 and found Obama introduced a number of words never before used in the address. The list includes:

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The GOP Translation of Obama’s State of the Union Speech

You won nothing in November. The 2014 election had no consequences for my Administration whatsoever. You may have beaten my party and members of my team in the mid-term elections, but you’ve never beaten me. And, now you never will. All this talk about compromise and working together means you do what I want, because I’m not meeting you halfway on anything. My veto pen is ready and inked up. I will fight you and your agenda til the movers come on January 20th, 2017. I am still the President.

— GOP pollster Neil Newhouse translates President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Poetic Justice

No SOTU Blues

The opportunities for a president to address the nation are few,
But the GOP wants to punish him for pushing immigration reform through.
They want to put the kibosh on
This year’s State of the Union,
But it’ll be a sad day if POTUS doesn’t get to give his SOTU.


Boehner’s Reasoning for Allowing a State of the Union Address

The more the president talks about his ideas, the more unpopular he becomes. Why would I want to deprive him of that opportunity?

— Speaker John Boehner, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, on reports that Republican might not invite President Obama to deliver his State of the Union address.


SOTU Draws Lowest Audience in 14 Years

33.3 million

Number of TV viewers who watched the President’s fifth State of the Union address across 13 networks, down from 33.5 million viewers last year. It was the lowest audience for the State of the Union since Bill Clinton delivered the address in 2000, TV Newser reported.

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SOTU Analysis in Tweets

The Washington Post performs an act of service journalism by rounding up a mess of tweets about the State of the Union address by reporters from across the political spectrum.


State of the Union Has Jumped the Shark

Blame Woodrow Wilson, who broke a century-old presidential tradition of delivering the State of the Union message only in writing. Blame Harry S. Truman, the first chief executive to make the address on television, or Lyndon B. Johnson, the first to do so in prime time. … Blame Lenny Skutnik, the plucky government office worker who rescued a freezing woman from the Potomac River after a plane crash and then became the first citizen-hero to be saluted by the president in the House gallery when Ronald Reagan honored him in 1982. … Blame the Democrats. Blame the Republicans. Blame social media, members of Congress, the wind or the weather. But the State of the Union — as political event, public theater, real-time town hall or self-help reality show — has jumped the shark.

— Todd Purdum, writing for Politico.


Republicans Still Don’t Understand Women

It’s hard for me to phrase this politely. Sometimes Republicans think that just putting a woman up front means somehow that women are going to feel good about the party. It is not about the messenger. It’s about the message. And until we figure that one out, while it’s nice that we have a woman as a spokesperson, if the message itself doesn’t get changed a bit, it’s not going to work.

— Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R), quoted by the Los Angeles Times, on Republicans picking a woman to rebut the State of the Union address.