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Republican House Is Stuck on Unpopular Topics

Week one, we had a Speaker election that didn’t go as well as a lot of us would have liked. Week two, we spent a lot of time talking about deporting children, a conversation a lot of us didn’t want to have. Week three, we’re debating reportable rape and incest — again, not an issue a lot of us wanted to have a conversation about. I just can’t wait for week four.

— Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), quoted by TPM, on the priorities of House Republicans.

Poetic Justice

Vengeance Is His

Those who oppose Speaker Boehner come from the fringe,
And those who opposed him now have no right to whinge.
Because once they voted,
Their betrayal was noted,
And they set themselves up for Speaker Boehner’s revenge.


Boehner: Tea Party, Conservative Republicans Not that Different

I think the tea party has brought great energy to our political process. You get in these primary elections — they are hard-fought battles and sometimes — listen, there is not that much, not that big a difference between what you call the tea party and your average conservative Republican.

— House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), asserting the tea party and conservative Republicans are basically the same, CNN reports.


Boehner: Running House Majority Like Herding Frogs

I like to describe my job as trying to get 218 frogs in a wheelbarrow long enough to pass a bill. It’s hard to do.

— House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), quoted by the Los Angeles Times.


Vote Against Boehner Gets Applause

Probably the most popular vote I’ve made, in this district.

— Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM), quoted by Salon, for his vote against John Boehner for Speaker. He adds that it’s received well: “Always applause, sometimes standing applause.

News & Comment

Fox Finally Criticizes a Republican Leader – For Crying

Fox News Kremlin-watchers and tea-leaf readers take note. On Friday night, Fox’s second most popular host said something critical of the top elected official in the network’s own party. That’s right, Bill O’Reilly lambasted House Speaker John Boehner — for crying:

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Swing Voters, You’ve Been Had: Boehner, GOP-T Party Up to Old Tricks; Health-Care Repeal Written in Secret, No Hearings, $143 Bil Cost Unfunded

photos-boehner-armeyIn October 2009, John Boehner, now the House speaker-elect, complained to a reporter for the Washington Times, “[Democrats are] writing a health care bill in secret, even though the president called for all of this to be out on an open table and have C-SPAN cameras in the room.” Not surprisingly, the Washington Times, a right-wing propaganda daily owned by Sun Yung Moon, leader of the South Korean “Moonie” cult, published Bloehner’s comment without fact checking.

Boehner’s complaint was classic truthiness. The C-SPAN cameras weren’t allowed in to the hearing room, but otherwise he was lying:

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