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Turn off the State of the Union

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Now It’s Clear Why Tea Partyers Don’t Like Boehner


He’s darker skinned than Pres. Obama. But seriously, if you missed the president’s State of the Union Speech last night, check out Matthew Iglesia’s take over at Vox.




A SOTU Preview

The president’s speechwriters will have started out to craft an important and thoughtful speech, determined to avoid having their boss deliver another really boring monologue that is both a laundry list of what the president wants to do and what he would do if the opposition party and special-interest groups rolled over and played dead for the rest of the year. But by the end of the process, despite the best of intentions, it will very likely sound like all of the others.

— Charlie Cook, in the National Journal.

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More on the GOP SOTU Response: Tea Bagger Technology Went Askew Again, the White House Punked Rubio and Rubio Failed At De-Romneyfication for His Party

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On her show Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow dissected the Republicans’ response to Pres. Obama’s State of the Union speech and found that it was even worse than it first appeared:

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Chris Matthews: Rubio’s SOTU Rebuttal Was Like ‘Something You Would Hear on a High School Debating Team’

Chris Matthews’ take on Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s rebuttal to the president’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night was solid gold:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I thought it was Tinkertoys. I thought it was primitive, something you would hear on a high school debating team … First of all, he went after government as some kind evil, then he admitted he had gone to school on student loans. Well, I went to school on student loans. My dad went to school on the GI Bill. Most of us have benefited from good government. Government’s worked for us. I got in the Peace Corps, changed my life. I mean, I’m very pro-government. And he admitted he was, too. He said, I love Medicare because of how it takes care of my mother, how it took care of my father with dignity. He said, I went the student loan route. I got my education. Where was the consistency here? I didn’t get it. He was saying he was a product of solid government and positive programs, and then he just trashed the whole thing.

And then he played the victim game that everybody seems to play. What’s the Republicans victims? They’re paying one in six dollars now, we have about 15 percent of GDP going to revenues. We’re spending 25 percent, who is being over-taxed? I mean, what are they talking about?

It was almost like a YAF-er convention speech, Young Americans for Freedom speech, from the 1950s. There was no originality to it. It was basic. Again, it was Tinkertoys. It was a kid’s presentation of a philosophy reduced to maybe the 9th grade level. I’m sorry, that’s what it was.

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Photo of the Day: Let’s Hope Ted Nugent Was As Miserable As He Looked During the State of the Union Speech

Ted Nugent in a nosebleed seat looking dyspeptic during the State of the Union speech on Feb. 12, 2013
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Vietnam War Draft Dodger Who Befouled Himself to Avoid Military Service Will Be GOP Rep’s Guest for State of the Union Speech

Nugent showing his true colors
Seventies’ rock ‘n roll has-been Ted Nugent — a notorious Vietnam War draft dodger — will be the special guest of a Texas Republican congressman for the State of the Union speech tomorrow night:

“I am excited to have a patriot like Ted Nugent joining me in the House Chamber to hear from President Obama,” [Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas] said in a statement released Monday morning. “After the Address I’m sure Ted will have plenty to say.”

That’s assuming Nugent can hold his tongue during the speech. Either way, it won’t be the first time President Obama’s played to an ornery crowd.

Nugent and President Obama have some history, too.

In April, 2012, the Secret Service called Nugent in for a talking-to after he delivered some unnerving comments at an NRA convention in St. Louis, Mo.

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again,” Nugent blared, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

After meeting with Nugent a few days later, the Secret Service declared the situation “resolved.” And that may be so, but his self-imposed deadline has not yet passed.

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Factcheck.org Confirms President’s Record on Job Growth, Proves Romney Lies When He Says Obama Has Created No Jobs


The 18 debates among the Republican presidential wannabes have been such horrific clown shows that both Sen. John McCain, the GOP 2008 nominee, and Bush’s propaganda czar Karl Rove have expressed concern that they are harming the party.

The debates have also been veritable blizzards of lies, particularly about Pres. Obama’s record. None of the candidates is a smoother or more practiced liar than Mitt Romney, who has made his political career out of changing his positions in order to get votes.

In his State of the Union speech last night, the president addressed one of Romney’s often-repeated lies — that no jobs have been created since Obama took office.

Pres. Obama: In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs. Last year, they created the most jobs since 2005. American manufacturers are hiring again, creating jobs for the first time since the late 1990s.

Factcheck.org confirms the president’s statement even while griping a little about what he didn’t say — and in doing so puts the lie to Romney’s oft-repeated claim that no jobs have been created since the Obama took office in the depths of the Bush recession:
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