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Why Are Guns So Far Being Held Blameless in Parkland Teen Suicides?

Guns continue to get off the hook in the deaths of two teens who attended Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Even though drug overdose is the method used in 70 percent of potential suicides, it’s only responsible for about 12 percent of the deaths. Guns are far, far more effective. Of the comparatively smaller 6 percent of people who attempt suicide by using a gun, they find “success” about 82 percent of the time. That makes guns responsible for more than half of our country’s suicides.

The role of guns, and access to them, has so far been ignored in the stories about the two teens at Stoneman Douglas. I have yet to find one that asks, let alone answers, the question of where the guns used by the teens came from. But states with the most guns have the most youth suicides.
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U.S. Veterans Suicide Rate Rises by Nearly a Third


The suicide rate among American veterans jumped by nearly a third since 2001, outpacing the wider U.S. population, according to a Department of Veterans Affairs study. Between 2001 and 2014, veteran suicides increased by 32 percent, while civilian suicides increased by 23 percent in the same time period. After controlling for factors like age and gender, this meant veterans faced a 21 percent greater risk for suicide than those who had not served in the armed forces.


White, Middle-Aged Americans at Greatest Risk of Suicide


The rate of increase in suicide among middle-aged (35 – 64) white Americans during the decade ending in 2010. There was almost no increase among older or younger people, or other racial groups. Theories on the uptick include the poor economy during that time, and increased use of prescription drugs. Nearly half of the suicides were accomplished using guns.