$27 Million Down the Drain? Doh!
Koch Brothers Just Can't Catch a Break in Obamacare Battle

Bad news for whoever is writing the checks at Americans for Prosperity (AFP). The Koch brothers’ political organization has spent $27 million since last August, with millions more planned, on ads attacking Senate Democrats who voted for healthcare reform and who are up for re-election this year. A new poll shows they are likely wasting [...]

Texas Tea Party Politician Steve Stockman Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Publishes the Mugshot from His 1977 Drug Arrest

Mugshots are made at taxpayer expense and are therefore public records — a fact that anyone who serves in a high position should know. Apparently, however, tea bagger Rep. Steve Stockman, who was soundly defeated on Tuesday in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Texas, does not know this. He has has [...]

Florida, the State Where the Governor Ignores Voters, is Number One in Federal Healthcare Enrollment

Floridians led the nation in signing up for health insurance on the federal exchange since its inception on Oct. 1. Almost 18,000 state residents from all backgrounds have enrolled, despite the refusal of far-right Republican leaders to facilitate access to health care for the uninsured, noted in a recent Tampa Bay Times editorial. Florida is [...]

Finally! A Tea Party Leader Describes the Extreme Right’s Plan for Replacing the Affordable Care Act

The GOP/tea party has been promising for years to offer a proposal for replacing the Affordable Care Act with a plan that would move the country toward universal health care coverage. Now, at long last, one of the tea party’s best minds and most innovative thinkers has revealed the basics of the tea party plan [...]

Still Waiting for That Other Apology

When I hear Bush apologize about being wrong about WMDs, I’ll give a shit whether or not Obama said he’s sorry.

@RudePundit, on Twitter, commenting on those being given air time to say Pres. Obama should apologize more because the Affordable Care Act website wasn’t fully functional when the health care exchanges became available on Oct. 1. The toll-free phone number, in-person “navigators,” and other venues in various states worked great on opening day, despite the 17-day tea party led government shutdown that began simultaneously.

3 Things to Know About Florida Politics Now

Former Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist is running for governor in 2014 as a Democrat. The official announcement was made in Crist’s hometown of St. Petersburg, and puts an end, not to speculation that Crist would run, but to when the campaign would begin. It’s on. Alex Sink (D), former state chief financial officer, who [...]

Ted Cruz Is Covered under His Wife’s Goldman Sach’s Gold-Plated Health Insurance Policy


Annual cost of health-insurance premiums paid by Goldman Sachs to cover Canadian Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas) and his family. Cruz’s wife, Heidi, is the managing director of the Houston branch of Goldman Sachs, which received a $12.9 billion payout from the government’s bailout of AIG in 2008. The New York Times reported in 2009 that Goldman Sachs’ plans for executives and managing directors are worth $40,000.

South Carolina Senator Vows to Shut Down Government Appointments Because – Benghazi!

Lindsey Graham has a tea-bagger primary opponent in his campaign for reelection to the Senate from South Carolina next year, so he he is now threatening to shut down government appointments, including to top positions at the Federal Reserve and the Department of Homeland Security, because — Benghazi! He made the shutdown threat on Fox [...]

Horsey: What Tea Baggers Really Mean When They Say, ‘We Want Our Country Back’

This cartoon by David Horsey is from 2009 but is just as true today.

Good News, Bad News for Cruz

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The rise in UNfavorability experienced by Sen. Ted Cruz (Tx-Tea) among Republicans who do not align themselves with the tea party, in a new Pew poll. In June, 16% were unfavorable to Cruz, while today, 31% are. The tea party itself also fell among Republicans, with only 27% of those who think of themselves as liberal or moderate Republicans approving of the movement, compared to 46% in June. The good news for Texanadian Cruz is that among the shrinking league of tea party members, his popularity rose from 47% to 74%.