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Democratic Funder Mobilizing Money and Resources to Flip NC Congressional Seats Back to Blue

Riding the tea-party wave, Republicans took control of North Carolina for the first time since the 1860s, back when the GOP was the liberal party. Anticipating a Blue Wave in 2016, billionaire Tom Steyer is signaling his intent to help Democrats regain control of the Tar Heel state.

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Steyer Buys Copy of Wolff Book for Every Member of Congress


Billionaire Tom Steyer told KQED that he bought 535 copies of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury to be hand-delivered to every lawmaker on Capitol Hill.


Mega-Donor Steyer Spending Big on 2016 Elections

I’m scared to look. You can quote me on that.

— Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, quoted by the Palm Springs Desert Sun, when asked how much he’ll spend on elections this year.


New Super-PAC to Target GOP Climate-Change Deniers

$100 million

Amount liberal billionaire and environmentalist Tom Steyer is using to create a Super PAC that will attack Republicans in seven key states who are climate-science deniers, NBC News reports. “These states — all of which President Barack Obama won in both 2008 and 2012 — also play an important role in 2016, given that Iowa and New Hampshire are early presidential nominating contests, and that Colorado and Florida are top general-election battlegrounds.”