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Sensenbrenner Town Hall Attracts One Voter


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) held a town hall meeting yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. “It wasn’t raucous, stormy or packed, as many congressional town halls have been in recent years. It was kind of the opposite, actually. One person showed up. And he was pretty polite.”


Few GOP Lawmakers Holding Town Halls During Recess


A Politico review of TownHallProject.com, a crowd-sourced database, “found that only 14 of the 217 House Republicans who voted for the bill last week — less than 7% — are listed as holding town halls with their constituents. … Healthcare advocates we contacted said the Town Hall Project’s database aligned with their own lists.”

Poetic Justice

Wee Senator Rubio

Marco Rubio’s presidential chances were infinitesimal,
And he needed high-heel boots to make him look tall.
Now that his constituents
Are getting loud and conspicuous,
Little Senator Marco is too tiny to hold town halls.

Poetic Justice

Empty Town Halls

In 2012 the Republican party took quite a beating,
And ever since from their ranks voters are retreating.
While they used to go off half-cocked,
These days they’re so shell-shocked,
That GOP lawmakers won’t even hold a town hall meeting.

News & Comment

Protesters Shout ‘Shame, Shame, Shame’ after GOP Rep. Sensennbrenner Abruptly Adjourns Town Hall Meeting

“This is what democracy looks like,” GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s constituents shouted as he scurried away after abruptly adjourning a town hall meeting in his Wisconsin district in order to stifle dissent.

Sensenbrenner shut down the meeting after the crowd reacted derisively to GOP State Sen. Leah Vukmir’s false claim that Gov. Scott Walker’s “budget” bill would not end collective bargaining for state employee unions.

This is not the first time Sensenbrenner has adjourned a meeting to shut off debate. In June 2005, when Sensenbrenner chaired the House Judiciary Committee, he gaveled a hearing on the PATRIOT ACT to a close because he did not like Democratic criticism of the bill.

Sensenbrenner is perhaps best known for serving on the House prosecution team during the Clinton impeachment.