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Trump Approval Reaches New Low


A new CNBC All-America Economic Survey finds just 37% of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of his job, the lowest level of his presidency. However, the public is still split on impeachment with 47% opposing and 44% approving.


Half of Voters Don’t Like Trump Personally and Don’t Approve of His Policies


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds President Trump “is more personally disliked than any of his recent predecessors, and half of voters say they’re very uncomfortable with the idea of his re-election.” A full 50% don’t like Trump personally and disapprove of most of his policies; only 25% both like him personally and approve of his policies.


Trump Underwater in Nevada


A new ALG Research poll in Nevada finds President Trump’s approval numbers are abysmal in the state, 43% to 57%, with 49% of the electorate rating him as “highly unfavorable.” Key takeaway: “The president’s numbers here should scare every Republican on the ballot next year.”


Majority Says Trump Doesn’t Deserve Re-Election


A new CNN poll finds 60% of Americans say President Trump does not deserve to be reelected. “Overall, the poll paints a picture of a President who has done little to improve negative impressions of him or his work during his time in office. Across several questions asked early in Trump’s time in office and asked again now, the poll finds little positive change and deep partisan polarization.”


Trump’s Approval Sinks to 38%


Washington Post-ABC News Poll: “Trump’s approval rating among voting-age Americans stands at 38%, down from 44% in June but similar to 39% in April, with 56% now saying they disapprove of his performance in office. … Among registered voters, 40% say they approve of Trump, while 55% disapprove.”


Trump’s Approval at 36%


A new AP-NORC poll finds just 36% of Americans approve of the way President Trump is handling his job as president, while 62% disapprove. “The numbers may be ugly for a first-term president facing reelection in 14 months, but they are remarkably consistent. Trump’s approval rating has never dipped below 32% or risen above 42% in AP-NORC polls since he took office.”


Trump Approval Unchanged


A new Gallup poll finds President Trump’s approval rating is holding steady at 42%.


Trump Approval on Economy Hits High


A new CNN poll finds 56% of Americans say President Trump is doing a good job on the economy, a new high for his economic approval ratings.


Trump Approval Hits Two-Year High


A new CNN poll finds President Trump’s approval rating remains largely negative — 52% disapprove and 43% approve — but that approval figure is the highest — by one point — since a CNN poll completed around the 100-day mark of his time in office.


Trump’s Rating on Economy Hits New High


A new Gallup poll finds President Trump’s rating for handling the economy, 56%, is the highest of his presidency and the highest of his approval ratings on any of 14 domestic and foreign issues tested. At the same time, his overall 43% job approval rating is essentially unchanged from a month ago but appears to be stabilizing at a higher level than it had been in late 2018 and early 2019.