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Trump’s Rating on Economy Hits New High


A new Gallup poll finds President Trump’s rating for handling the economy, 56%, is the highest of his presidency and the highest of his approval ratings on any of 14 domestic and foreign issues tested. At the same time, his overall 43% job approval rating is essentially unchanged from a month ago but appears to be stabilizing at a higher level than it had been in late 2018 and early 2019.


Trump’s Approval ‘Surges’Four Points After Shutdown Ends


A new Gallup survey finds President Trump’s job approval rating has risen to 44% after the conclusion of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. His current approval is just one percentage point shy of his personal best, achieved twice in his presidency.


Americans Say Mueller More Credible than Trump

56% to 33%

A new Washington Post-Schar School poll finds more Americans say they trust special counsel Robert Mueller’s version of the facts than President Trump’s, 56% to 33%. And by nearly as wide a margin, more believe Mueller is mainly interested in “finding out the truth” than trying to “hurt Trump politically.”


Trump Sets a New Low for Approval

40% to 55%

A new Morning Consult poll finds a record low of 40% of voters approved of President Trump and a record-high 55% disapproved, resulting in the worst monthly net rating of his presidency.


Democrats have Highest Approval Rating in a Decade


Among American voters in a Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday, 38 percent approved of the way Democrats in Congress are handling their job, while 48 percent disapproved. Congressional Democrats’ approval rating was the highest since 38 percent approved and 50 percent disapproved in an early July 2009 survey by the university. Republicans in Congress got a 30 percent job approval rating and a 65 percent disapproval rating, which was largely unchanged from surveys conducted recently.


Most Americans Oppose Trump’s Foreign Policy


A new AP-NORC poll finds a majority of Americans disapprove of the way President Trump is handling U.S. foreign policy and about half think the country’s global standing will deteriorate during the next year. “Overall, the president receives low marks from the public for his job handling foreign policy — 35 percent approve, while 63 percent disapprove. Like other issues, the partisan divide is startling. While 76 percent of Republicans approve, just 8 percent of Democrats say the same.”


Trump Disapproval Reaches New High


A new CBS News poll finds President Trump’s overall approval rating has dipped three points from November to 36%. Fifty-nine percent of Americans now disapprove of the job he is doing – a high for his presidency.


Majority Blame Trump, GOP for the Shutdown


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that nearly 6-in-10 voters — 57% — disapprove of President Trump’s job performance, compared to the 40% that approve. In addition, 54% of voters blame Trump and Republicans on Capitol Hill for the government shutdown. Only 35% blame congressional Democrats.


Trump’s Base Is Turning Against Him

7 points

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds President Trump’s approval rating down by a net 7-point change to 39% to 53% over the last month. The movement has come from within key portions of his base: He’s down significantly among suburban men, a net-positive approval rating of 51% to 39% to a net-negative of 42% approve, 48% disapprove. That’s a net change of down 18 percentage points. He’s also down a net of 13 points among white evangelicals and down a net of 10 points among Republicans.


Trump’s Approval Rating Dropping


Nate Silver: “The partial government shutdown is beginning to drag on President Trump’s approval rating, which is at its lowest point in months. As of early Wednesday evening, his approval rating was 40.2 percent, according to our tracking of public polling, down from 42.2 percent on Dec. 21, the day before the shutdown began. It’s his lowest score since last September. And Trump’s disapproval rating was 54.8 percent, up from 52.7 percent before the shutdown. His net approval rating, -14.6 percent, was at its lowest point since February 2018.”