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Cohen’s Fear of Prison Will Make Him Flip on Trump

“He’s not suited to stand up to the rigors of jail life… Michael doesn’t see himself walking down Broadway while people are clamoring, ‘you’re going to be my wife.’”

— Longtime Trump legal adviser Jay Goldberg, telling CNN that he’s thinks Michael Cohen will turn on President Trump and cooperate with federal prosecutors because he’s worried about getting raped in prison.


‘A Stinging Repudiation of Trump’

“The results across the country [yesterday] represent nothing less than a stinging repudiation of Trump on the first anniversary of his election.”

James Hohamnn


Voters in ‘Trump Counties’ Say We’re Worse Off Now


“An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll surveyed residents of 438 counties that saw a surge last year for Trump or flipped to vote Republican in the 2016 election after previously going for President Obama in 2012. The poll found 32% of people in those ‘Trump counties’ think the country is better off now than it was before Trump assume office. But 41% think the country is worse off,” the Hill reports. “A majority of people surveyed, 53%, don’t think the president has a clear agenda.”


Former Adviser Says Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Go Lower

“Trump is at 33 percent in Gallup. You can’t go any lower. He’s f**ked.”

— Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg, quoted by Vanity Fair.


How Low Can Trump Go?

38% to 58%

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds President Trump’s job approval rating has declined to the lowest point of his presidency, 38% to 58%. “Looking ahead to the 2018 midterm elections, which take place a year from now, 48% of registered voters in the poll say they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 41% want a Republican-controlled Congress.”


Majority Says Trump Is One of the Worst Presidents Ever


A new Marist poll finds that 58% of Americans believe Donald Trump will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in the nation’s history. Said pollster Lee Miringoff: “Deep into his first year as president, Donald Trump’s less than stellar approval rating has lowered expectations about how history will judge him. For history to treat him kinder, he will have to up his game.”


No Need to Verify that Quote

“Sir, we didn’t need to verify that he called you a moron, he did it behind your back.”

— MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle, responding on MSNBC to President Trump’s criticism that she never verified Rex Tillerson’s quote with him.


Obama Bashes Trump Over DACA Decision

“To target these young people is wrong — because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating — because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military, and otherwise contribute to the country we love. And it is cruel.”

— Barack Obama, bashing President Trump’s decision to rescind an immigration order shielding some children of undocumented immigrants from deportation, calling the move “cruel” and “self-defeating,” CNN reports.


The Trump Legislative Effort in a ‘Shambles’

“Donald Trump last week suffered enormous setbacks on his three highest legislative priorities and Congress wasn’t even in session. … Each of these losses took away most or all of the leverage Trump is going to need to get Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, fund his wall and do something on taxes. As a result, Trump’s legislative agenda, which was already in deep trouble before last week, is now in a complete shambles.”

Stan Collender


Is This the End of the Trump Government?

“It doesn’t mean the end of the Trump presidency but it may mean the end of Trump government. It’s going to be impossible for Donald Trump now to attract good people to government.”

— GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, in an ABC News interview.