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Four in 10 Americans Favor Impeaching Trump

4 in 10

“About 4-in-10 Americans currently support impeaching Trump six months into his term, which is significantly higher than the number who called for Richard Nixon’s impeachment six months into that president’s second term,” a new Monmouth poll finds.


Two-Thirds Say They Disapprove of Trump’s Handling of Healthcare


“Just 40% of Americans approve of the job he is doing in the White House, and 55% now view him unfavorably, up 12 points since December. Worse, even more — 61% — say the nation is headed down the wrong path, also up 12 points since December…. And despite his assurances that he and congressional Republicans will repeal Obamacare and replace it with a ‘beautiful’ new health care bill, 64% of Americans say they disapprove of his handling of the issue.”



Six Resign from Trump’s HIV/Aids Advisory Board


“Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS have resigned, furious at what they say is the new administration’s regressive health policies and a lack of care from President Trump,” BuzzFeed reports.


CEO Summit Gives Trump an ‘F’


“A stunning 50% of the CEOs, business execs, government officials and academics surveyed at the annual Yale CEO Summit give Trump an ‘F’ for his first 130 days in office,” CNN reports.


Two-Thirds Say Trump Doesn’t Respect Democratic Traditions


A new AP-NORC poll finds 65% of Americans think President Trump “doesn’t have much respect for the country’s democratic institutions and traditions or has none at all. Just a third of Americans, or 34%, thinks he has a great deal or even a fair amount of respect for them.” Overall, 64% disapprove and just 35% approve of his job performance.

Poetic Justice

The Twit of Twitter

Trump continues to ignore efforts to muzzle him,
Taking to Twitter to vilify and rail against Muslims.
If his given name was John
And his surname wasn’t Khan,
Do you think Trump would have insulted the mayor of London?


World Leaders Recognize Trump’s Weakness

“But really, all this focus on Trump’s tweets and the stories about his boorishness abroad should please the White House no end. The more the narrative focuses on Trump’s toughness and bluster with our allies, the less anyone focuses on what’s really been exposed in these opening months of his presidency. … Trump is weak, and our rivals have figured it out. They’re walking all over the American president in a way we haven’t seen since at least the days of disco and Space Invaders. … None of this seems to permeate the family circle of Trump’s White House, where, as ever, mythology crowds out any notion of policy or reality.”

Matt Bai


Support for Impeachment Growing


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 43% of voters want the impeachment process for President Trump to begin, up 5 percentage points from last week.


Markets Predicting Trump Won’t Finish His Term


According to the Betfair prediction market, there’s a roughly 50 percent chance that President Trump will not serve out his four-year term. There an approximately 20 to 25 percent chance that Trump doesn’t make it through 2017 without leaving office.


Majority of Americans Think Trump has Mental Problems


A new SurveyUSA poll finds that 56% of Americans (including 1 in 4 Republicans) say President Trump “sometimes loses touch with reality.” Also interesting: 37% say Trump “is unable to distinguish between what is true and what is made up.”