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Trump Still Averaging Five Lies a Day


Washington Post: “Trump has been in office for 99 days. As of our latest update on day 98, we’ve counted 452 false or misleading claims.”


Trump Met Putin at Least Nine Times


CNN: “Since 2013 — when Trump’s Miss Universe pageant was held in Moscow — Trump has at least nine times claimed to have spoken to, met, or made contact with Putin. But as the 2016 campaign wore on and his statements on Putin began to attract more scrutiny, Trump changed course, denying having ever met the Russian president.”


Donald Jr. Has ‘Zero’ Contact with Donald Sr.


Donald Trump Jr. “said he has had virtually no contact with his father since the real estate tycoon and reality star became president and ceded control of his business empire to his oldest sons,” NBC News reports. Said Trump: “I basically have zero contact with him at this point.”

Poetic Justice

Is He or Ain’t He?

Donald’s wiretapping claim was a wild allegation
That was met with widespread alarm and consternation.
In the chaos he instigated,
Trump says he isn’t being investigated,
But the Justice Department declined to confirm he’s not under investigation.


Sanders: How Do You Respond to a Lying President?

I happen to strongly believe in civil political discourse. The vast majority of people in Congress who hold views different than mine are not liars. It is critical we have strong, fact-based debates on the important issues facing our country and that we respect people who come to different conclusions. In a democracy people will always have honestly held different points of view. … But how does one respond to a president who has complete disregard for reality and who makes assertions heard by billions of people around the world that have no basis in fact?

Bernie Sanders


Lindsey Graham Is Either ‘Worried’ of ‘Very Worried’

I’m very worried that our president is suggesting the former president has done something illegal. I’d be very worried if in fact the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about Trump campaign activity with foreign governments. It’s my job as United States senator to get to the bottom of this.

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), quoted by The Hill.


Trump Lies to Undermine the Media

And he lied, of course. And I don’t mean in the speech itself. He lied directly to the faces of the media muckety-mucks that afternoon, telling them that he was going to embrace some kind of immigration reform. For a few hours, much of the press duly reported this — until they heard the speech itself, which did no such thing. The lie, we were told, was a ‘misdirection,’ in order to get some favorable coverage from the media that afternoon. … But think about that for a minute. This wasn’t a trial balloon, delivered by some anonymous sources to see the impact of a potential policy. This wasn’t even a defensible fib, for national-security reasons. It was an outright lie from the president himself in order to delegitimize the press. If the New York Times or the evening news reports something completely untrue — indeed refuted just a few hours later — what happens to their credibility? Bannon is not kidding when he describes the free press as the opposition. For shameless demagogues, it always is. And this creepily authoritarian administration will happily lie to its face.

Andrew Sullivan


Trump Team Denied Russia Contacts 20 Times


USA Today: “President Trump, and his presidential campaign, have issued at least 20 denials of campaign officials’ communications with and connections with Russian officials.”

Poetic Justice

One Lie-Less Day

We’ll concede that Donald Trump’s really trying,
But a pivot? That’s something we are not buying.
Has there been a change?
We do find it strange
That Trump went a full day without lying.


Takes One to Know One

Much of media is distorted and fake. Knowingly false. We don’t have truthful media. I actually think they’re sick people.

— Donald Trump, in an interview with CBN.