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Support for Trump Tax Plan Still Falling


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds “public support for the recent tax overhaul plunged in the past two months, as more voters became ambivalent about it. … Just 37% of registered voters said they supported the tax-cut laden law, down from 44% in an April poll… Even among Republicans, support for the law dropped to 70%, from 80% in April.”


Trump Administration’s Deficit Forecast Is Waaaaay Off

$9.5 trillion

“The Congressional Budget Office estimates the government will take in $1.9 trillion less in revenue and spend $300 billion more over the next decade than the White House estimated under its latest budget proposal if the plan were enacted,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Deficits would total $9.5 trillion over the coming decade, or $2.3 trillion more than the White House estimates.”


Trump Tax Law Losing Popularity Precipitously

50% to 41%

A new Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (D) poll finds the popularity of the new tax law has dropped into net negatives, currently opposed by a 50% to 41% margin.>/h2>


Most Americans Have Not Seen a Boost in Income from Trump Tax Breaks


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that 55% of voters say they haven’t noticed an increase in their paychecks as a result of the new tax law.


Trump Tax Break Gives $40 Billion to Corporations

$40.2 billion

A congressional report finds the wealthiest Americans will benefit the most from President Trump’s tax deduction for owners of “pass-through” businesses, NBC News reports. “The deduction, which ranges up to 20 percent, will shower $40.2 billion in tax breaks on owners of pass-throughs — largely businesses owned by an individual or a partnership, or those ‘S’ corporations that kick income and losses to shareholders for tax purposes — in 2018, the Joint Committee on Taxation estimated. The provision was included in the larger overhaul of tax rates enacted in December.”

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Donald’s Lies: A List of 103 Lies Told by Trump in the First 10 Months of 2017


In answer to its right-wing critics, fact checkers at the New York Times compared lies told by Donald Trump during his first 10 months in office with the lies told by Pres. Obama during his entire eight years in office.

The final tally was 103 to 18, advantage Trump. So much winning!

You can read the list of Obama’s falsehoods at the Times’ article. You’ll find the list of Trump’s lies below, but keep in mind that this list ends with October, so it does not include Donald’s recent lies, including the whopper he keeps repeating that his tax scam represents the biggest tax cut in history. Some analysts say it’s the fifth largest tax cut; others say it’s the eighth.

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Over Half Oppose GOP Donor-Relief Plan


A new CNN poll finds opposition to the Republican tax bill has grown 10 points since early November, and 55% now oppose it. Just 33% say they favor the GOP’s proposal. Meanwhile, President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 35%, his worst mark yet in CNN polling.


Through the Lens of the GOP Tax Plan, the Future Looks Bleak

If the Republican tax plan passes Congress, it will mark a watershed for the United States. The medium- and long-term effects of the plan will be a massive drop in public investment, which will come on the heels of decades of declining spending (as a percentage of gross domestic product) on infrastructure, scientific research, skills training and core government agencies. The United States can’t coast on past investments forever, and with this legislation, we are ushering in a bleak future.”

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Most Americans Disapprove of GOP Tax Plan


A new CBS News poll finds 53% of Americans disapprove of the Republican tax plan being considered by Congress – including four in 10 who disapprove strongly, and only one in five Americans expect their own taxes to go down.

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Impact of the Trump Tax Scam in One Chart