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Christie Explains Trump’s Nickname Taxonomy

“If he respects you, you don’t get a nickname, because he’s afraid what’s going to come back. So Cryin’ Chuck Schumer gets a nickname, because he has no respect for Schumer. But Nancy Pelosi’s got no nickname. It’s just Nancy. And if she doesn’t have a nickname by now, she ain’t getting any.”

— Chris Christie, quoted by Axios, on President Trump’s nicknames for his rivals.

Poetic Justice

A Mocking Mockery of a Mocker

If the Kavanaugh confirmation was strictly evidential,
Donald Trump’s interference would not be consequential.
But while he eschews norms,
There’s something about form,
And mocking a sexual assault victim just ain’t presidential.


Most See Trump as a Bully


A new Fox News poll finds that 53% of those surveyed think President Trump is a “bully” while 43% say he’s “unstable.” Fewer voters, about one-third, assign the clearly positive terms “competent” (35%), “strong leader” (35%), and “problem solver” (32%).