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Few Actually Read Trump’s Tweets on Twitter

The number nerds over at Five Thirty-Eight have an interesting breakdown of how many Twitter users actually read Donald Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Though he has 52 million followers, the number of actual Trump tweet readers is likely less than 10 million, or less than 16 percent of the 63 million Americans who voted for him. Check out the weekly “Pollapalooza.”

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Trump Can’t Do Irony and This Tweet Proves It

So as president he’s going to demand that the Department of Justice investigate whether the last president demanded that the Department of Justice investigate something?

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A 20-Question Quiz for the Media

1680283We live in an era where the very foundations of journalism are increasingly under attack, where “fake news” is ascendent and the intellect and attention span of the public is on the decline.

In response, the editors of Pensito Review, in consultation with researchers at the Moscow Center for Media Studies, have crafted this 20-question quiz to help journalists clarify their mission and find their place in the cosmos during the current Trump administration.

1. Are you feeling depressed, demoralized, disgusted, disenfranchised or simply dissed by the state of the news media and its public perception today? (select one)

  • One of them
  • Two of them
  • Three of them
  • All of them
  • None of them

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One in Nine Trumps Tweets Is an Insult

1 in 9

Tweets by Donald Trump over the last 18 months was an insult of some kind, the New York Times reports. “First, Mr. Trump likes to identify a couple of chief enemies and attack them until they are no longer threatening enough to interest him. He hurls insults at these foils relentlessly, for sustained periods – weeks or months… Second, there’s a nearly constant stream of insults in the background directed at a wider range of subjects.”


Trump Blames the Media for His Conflicts of Interest

Prior to the election it was well known that I have interests in properties all over the world.Only the crooked media makes this a big deal!

— Donald Trump, on Twitter.