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Schiff Condemns Trump’s Attacks on Whistleblower

“Let’s not make any mistake here. The president wants to make this all about the whistleblower, and suggests people that come forward with evidence of his wrongdoing are somehow treasonous and should be treated as traitors and spies. This is a blatant effort to intimidate a witness. It’s an incitement of violence.”

— House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) condemning President Trump’s tweets demanding to “meet” the Ukraine whistleblower as “a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses” and “an incitement of violence,” Axios reports.


Dean Finds Trump’s Disposition More Troubling than His Ignorance

“Even Nixon would be offended by this effort to use foreign assistance for a very personal, political reason, which is a very corrupting undertaking,” Dean said. “I don’t think Trump has any morals or shame. He will do anything to get re-elected before… It’s just the way Trump thinks. He doesn’t care. He will destroy anybody. I find him a deeply troubling character. When he first went in, I worried that his ignorance would get us in trouble. Now it’s his disposition that I find most troubling of all.”

— Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean, quoted by the New Yorker.

Poetic Justice

Light’s Not Right

We do not lack symptoms that Trump is deranged,
But still, his war on lightbulbs is exceedingly strange.
His attacks on energy efficiency
Just highlight his deficiencies,
While the LEDs, he says, just make him look orange.


Robinson: Trump Is Losing It — Again

“The astonishing thing is that the president of the United States is, let’s face it, raving like a lunatic — and everyone just shrugs. … The truth is that we don’t have an actual presidency right now. We have a tiresome reality show whose ratings have begun to slide — and whose fading star sees cancellation on the way.”

Eugene Robinson


Dalai Lama: Trump Lacks Moral Principle

“His emotions are also a little bit,” he said, making a gesture waggling his finger near his temple. “One day he says something, another day he says something. But I think there is a lack of moral principle. When he became president, he expressed America first. That is wrong. America, they should take the global responsibility.”

— The Dalai Lama to the BBC

Poetic Justice

Mark of McCain

If you need proof that Donald Trump’s insane,
Just consider his obsession with the late John McCain.
When Trump visited Japan,
The White House had to plan
A way to hide the battleship that bears McCain’s name.


The ‘Stable Genius’ Speaks

“I’m an extremely stable genius. OK?”

— President Trump, quoted by Politico, after Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested an intervention was needed at the White House.


Trump’s CPAC Speech Proves He’s Off the Rails

“It is impossible to watch Trump’s two hour meltdown at CPAC and think this person is of sound mind. Republicans are now in ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ territory.”

Stuart Stevens


Trump Can’t Be Impeached Because He’s Doing a Great Job

“You can’t impeach somebody for doing the best job of any president in the history of our country.”

— President Trump, in an interview with CBS News.


It’s Unclear Whether Trump Watches CNN

“I don’t watch them at all. I watched last night.”

— President Trump, in a Fox & Friends interview, insisting that he doesn’t watch CNN.