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Trump Says GOP Will Look Like ‘Dopes’ If It Can’t Pass Healthcare

“If the Republicans have the House, Senate and the presidency and they can’t pass this health care bill they are going to look weak. How can we not do this after promising it for years?”

— President Trump said the party would look like “dopes” if it couldn’t pass the bill after passing a repeal bill in 2015, at a dinner with GOP senators on Monday evening, reports Politico.


Majority: GOP Healthcare Will Be Harmful


A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that “nearly 60% of adults said they thought it would make insurance more expensive for low-income Americans and people with pre-existing conditions. Fifty-seven percent said it would make Medicaid less available, and 69% said it would cut federal money for Planned Parenthood.” Overall, 41% of American adults oppose the House plan, while 30% support it. Another 29% said they “don’t know.”


Opposition to GOP Healthcare Bill Growing


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds opposition to the Republican health bill is growing. “As the GOP-led Senate prepares to take up the measure, only 35% of voters surveyed approve of the bill passed by the House last month. Nearly half of voters, 49%, disapprove of the bill. The other 16% don’t know or don’t have an opinion, the poll shows.”


GOP Healthcare Bill Is Not Getting Better with Time

“The Republicans have spent eight years insisting that they could produce a better health-care-reform plan if they had the chance. They have come to realize that this promise was false. The only thing they can do is rip away the benefits Obamacare has given millions of Americans. Their sole objective now is to do so with the minimum level of transparency or accountability.”

Jonathan Chait


Majority Doesn’t Like Trumpcare

55% to 31%

The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that more Americans have an unfavorable view of the GOP health care plan than a favorable one, 55% to 31%. For comparison, the Affordable Care Act has mostly favorable views, 49% to 29%.


Just One in Five Support Trumpcare


A new Quinnipiac poll finds just 21% of American voters approve of the Republican health care plan passed by the U.S. House of Representatives last week. “Except for an anemic 48% to 16% support among Republicans, every listed party, gender, educational, age and racial group opposes the plan.”


Few GOP Lawmakers Holding Town Halls During Recess


A Politico review of TownHallProject.com, a crowd-sourced database, “found that only 14 of the 217 House Republicans who voted for the bill last week — less than 7% — are listed as holding town halls with their constituents. … Healthcare advocates we contacted said the Town Hall Project’s database aligned with their own lists.”


Only One-Third of Americans Support Trumpcare


A new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds that 31% of Americans favor the American Health Care Act, which narrowly passed the Republican-controlled House last week, while 44% oppose the bill and 25% are unsure. Interestingly, Trump voters have now coalesced around the bill in a way they failed to do earlier this spring with 75% now supportive of the proposed legislation.


GOP Senator Wants Senate Healthcare Bill to Pass ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Test

“I ask, does it pass the Jimmy Kimmel test? Will a child born with congenital heart disease be able to get everything she or he would need in the first year of life? I want it to pass the Jimmy Kimmel test.”

— Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), saying that a Senate plan to repeal and replace Obamacare should pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” after the comedian revealed his son was born with a heart defect, The Hill reports.


The Embarrassment that Is Trump

“How am I doing? Am I doing okay? I’m president. Hey, I’m president. Can you believe it?”

— President Trump, quoted by Politico, at a Rose Garden “victory lap that was unusually elaborate for a bill still so far from becoming law.”