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Pence Knows Something We Don’t

“It has been a year of accomplishments.”

— Vice President Mike Pence, writing in USA Today.


Trump Has Attacked One in Five GOP Senators

1 in 5

Chris Cillizza: “By my count, Trump has personally attacked 11 senators — or, roughly, 21% of the entire 52 person GOP conference between his time as a candidate and his nine months in the White House.”


Republicans Want More Cooperation Between GOP Congress and Trump


“A CBS News Tracker survey published Sunday showed that majorities want more cooperation between Congress and Trump, especially the president’s strongest backers and most Republicans. The most fascinating nugget from the poll: 39% of Republicans feel that their party’s congressional representatives ‘don’t like’ the president and are actively trying to undermine him, while another 37% think congressional Republicans don’t like Trump ‘but pretend to’ in order to try passing their own agenda.”

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Perfesser Trump’s Ineffective President Course

Courtesy Pixabay
Courtesy Pixabay
Charlie Cook points out that Donald Trump is not just President of the Electoral College, he’s also qualified to teach a course in presidential ineffectiveness:

“If you wanted to offer a graduate-school class in how not to be an effective president of the United States, Donald Trump could write the textbook and teach the course.”

“The first lesson would be to cater myopically to your base, alienating those in your party who are not in your core constituency—particularly the congressional leadership and power players who would be the ones instrumental to actually getting anything done. The second lesson would be to offend independent voters, those not married to either party who are at least theoretically open to the arguments from both sides. Finally, the third lesson would be to do everything possible to eliminate any chance of getting defections from the ranks of the other party while riling up the other party’s base, giving them an intensity that they may have lacked when they lost last year’s election.”

“That’s pretty much how you would do it—and it’s what Trump has done.”


Is This the End of the Trump Government?

“It doesn’t mean the end of the Trump presidency but it may mean the end of Trump government. It’s going to be impossible for Donald Trump now to attract good people to government.”

— GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, in an ABC News interview.


Trump Aides Are Saving Our Bacon

“You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill.”

— An unnamed White House staffer to Mike Allen, on why many Trump aides are not resigning despite their disappointment.


Speechwriter Calls Trump Best Presidential Orator in Generations

“President Trump’s the most gifted politician of our time, and he’s the best orator to hold that office in generations.”

— White House adviser Stephen Miller, on Fox News.


McConnell: Trump Has ‘Excessive Expectations’

“Our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before. I think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. … Part of the reason I think people think we’re under-performing is because of too many artificial deadlines unrelated to the reality of the legislature which may have not been understood.”

— Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), offering “some of his toughest criticism yet for President Donald Trump in a speech Monday,” CNN reports.


Our Secret Republican Government

“Inch by inch by inch, the Trump administration is rolling back press access, which means less information for the public. And lack of accessibility is only half the problem. Lack of accuracy in official statements is a big issue too. … The president’s anti-media defenders may support the administration’s approach, but it’s hard to justify the rollback in accountability. It’s not just the White House, either: the State Department and the Pentagon have all but stopped holding on-camera briefings, too. … This isn’t exclusive to the executive branch. There are heightened concerns about legislative branch secrecy as well.”

Brian Stelter


Collins Just Wants a Day Free of ‘D.C. Drama’

“Can we have a crisis-free day? That’s all I’m asking.”

— Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), quoted by CNN.