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Poetic Justice

Neocon Crackpot Cashiered

Now he of the white bushy mustache is gone,
Before he could start a war with Korea or Iran.
Apparently Trump finally balked
At suggestions from the Bolton hawk,
But we won’t miss your mustache or neocon notions, John.


More Americans See Trump as ‘Presidential’


A new Gallup poll finds more Americans today (40%) than two years ago (33%) believe President Trump has the personality and leadership qualities a president should have, although that still represents a minority of the public. In contrast, roughly six in 10 Americans thought George W. Bush and Barack Obama had the right presidential characteristics at a similar point in their presidencies.


Trump Doesn’t Know How Laws Are Made

“We’re changing laws as rapidly as we can get them through the courts.”

— President Trump, in an interview on Fox News, revealing a misunderstanding of how laws are supposed to be made.


Buttigieg on Countering Trump

“I have a very different energy than this president. There’s going to be a temptation to kind of play his game. If you’re playing his game, you’re losing. Nobody’s going to play his game better than he does and so we’ve got to do something completely different. The good news is Americans as a rule tend to go for the opposite of whatever they just had in a presidential election.”

— Mayor Pete Buttigieg, in an interview with NBC News.


Trump Has No Real Primary Challengers

74% to 8%

A new Monmouth poll finds President Trump leads former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld (R), who is challenging him in the Republican presidential primaries, 74% to 8% among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in a one-on-one matchup. Trump leads Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who is toying with the idea of a run, 75% to 6%.


Big Majority Says U.S. Is on Wrong Track


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds six-in-10 Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and nearly 70% of them have negative opinions on the state of the nation today.


Desperate Cruz Calls on Trump for Help in Texas

“I would certainly welcome his support, and I hope to see him in Texas. I think we are likely to see the president down in Texas before the election.”

— Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), telling the Houston Chronicle that he asked President Trump to assist him in his re-election efforts.

Poetic Justice

Tweet Trips Shutdown Talks

The scent of bipartisanship was, as usual, fleeting,
As the Tweeter-in-Chief could, as usual, not stop tweeting.
So Democrats Nancy and Chuck
Told Trump to take a flying f**k,
And just blew off the White House government shutdown meeting.


Clinton Questions Trump’s Work Ethic

“Honestly, between tweeting and golfing, how does he get anything done? I don’t understand it. Maybe that’s the whole point.”

— Hillary Clinton, quoted by Politico.

Poetic Justice

Flake’s Cake Is Baked

It’s a sure bet he wouldn’t have won, anyway,
So Jeff Flake’s name won’t be on the ballot come election day.
But if you’re going to go down,
You might as well tell the town
That Donald Trump is a danger to our democracy.