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Poetic Justice

The Tax Plan Cometh

The hit on the rich will be nominal,
The effects on the lower brackets, abominable.
With a guy from Goldman Sachs
Rejiggering the income tax,
It’s no wonder Trump says it’ll be “phenomenal.”


Trump’s Campaign Paid Trump’s Companies $12.8 Million


“Donald Trump’s campaign paid his companies $12.8 million from the time he launched his improbable presidential bid in the lobby of his company’s flagship Trump Tower property through the end of last year,” Politico reports.

Poetic Justice

No Conflict or Interest

Donald considers journalists to be pests,
And he doesn’t believe in moral litmus tests.
But like most politicians,
He changes his positions,
Except for one — he will never, ever, ever divest.


Republicans: ‘Free Trade Bad’


Of Republicans and Republican-leaning registered voters say free trade has been a bad thing for the U.S., while only 24% say it has been good for the country, according to Pew Research. “These views, which have shifted starkly since May 2015, when 51% of Republican voters said free trade was a good thing for the U.S. and 39% said it was bad, came as President-elect Trump criticized free trade throughout the 2016 election cycle. Democrats, on the other hand, remain largely positive about free trade.”


Trump: Running for President Is a Profit Center

$12 million

Total amount the Trump campaign spent over the course of the campaign on family-owned companies and reimbursing his children for travel, the Wall Street Journal reports.