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Now Trump Wants $8.6 Billion for Border Wall

$8.6 billion

“President Trump will ask the U.S. Congress for an additional $8.6 billion to help pay for the wall he promised to build on the southern border with Mexico to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking,” Reuters reports. “The demand is more than six times what Congress allocated for border projects in each of the past two fiscal years, and 6 percent more than Trump has corralled by invoking emergency powers this year.”


Majority Disapprove of Trump’s Emergency Declaration

66% to 33%

A new Quinnipiac poll finds American voters overwhelmingly disapprove of President Trump using emergency executive powers to fund a wall on the border with Mexico, 66% to 31%. However, Republicans back his use of emergency powers for the wall, 69% to 29%.Every other listed party, gender, education, age and racial group disapproves of this action.


Republican Former Lawmakers Urge Congress to Block Trump’s Emergency Declaration


Twenty three former Republicans members of Congress have penned a letter, urging legislators to “pass a joint resolution terminating the emergency declared by the President.”


Ex-Security Officials Issue Statement Against Trump’s Emergency Declaration


“A bipartisan group of 58 former senior national security officials will issue a statement Monday saying that ‘there is no factual basis’ for President Trump’s proclamation of a national emergency to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Washington Post reports.