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Trump’s Golf Has Coist Taxpares $102 Million

$102 million

“Donald Trump’s golf habit has already cost taxpayers at least $102 million in extra travel and security expenses, and next month will achieve a new milestone: a seven-figure presidential visit to another country so he can play at his own course,” the HuffPost reports.


Surprise! Trump Cheats at Golf

“He cheats at the highest level. He cheats when people are watching and he cheats when they aren’t. He cheats whether you like it or not. He cheats because that’s how he plays golf … if you’re playing golf with him, he’s going to cheat.”

— Rick Reilly in the new book, “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump,” on President Trump.

Poetic Justice

The Bum’s a Simulacrum!

It’s hard for Trump to visit Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster,
So he bought a golf simulator so his game doesn’t wither.
His swing he refines
During Executive Time,
While simultaneously playing on his presidency simulator.


Trump Has Spent 100 Days Golfing Since Taking Office


“President Trump reached a presidential milestone at his Palm Beach County, Florida, golf club on Saturday: One hundred days in office at a golf club that bears his name,” CNN reports. “Trump, once a critic of presidential golfing, has ignored his own advice and made a habit of visiting some of the many golf courses emblazoned in his moniker.”