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Rashida Tlaib’s Grandma Lays a Curse on Trump

“May God ruin him.”

— Muftia Tlaib, the grandmother of Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI), in a Now This interview, after President Trump suggested Israel ban the congresswoman from entering the country.


Trump’s Open Racism Is a Cause for Shame

“Racism is the fire that left our country horribly disfigured. It is the beast we try to keep locked in the basement. When the president of the United States plays with that fire or takes that beast out for a walk, it is not just another political event, not just a normal day in campaign 2020. It is a cause for shame.”

Michael Gerson


Trump Backs a Loser in Lee

“The fact of the matter is, Robert E. Lee was a great tactician. Was not a great person. Robert E. Lee was a slave owner and a brutal slave master. Thankfully, he lost that war. And I find it kind of interesting that the president is now glorifying a loser. He always said that he hated losers. Robert E. Lee was a loser.”

— Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), on This Week.


Omar to Trump: I’ve Learned from My Mistakes, When Will You?

“I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?”

— Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), responding to President Trump’s call for her resignation by accusing him of having “trafficked in hate your whole life” and questioning when he would learn from his experiences, as Omar said she has, the Washington Post reports.


The Grand Old Racist Party


A new CBS News poll finds that 83% of Republicans approve of President Trump’s handling of racial issues in the country, including 44% who strongly approve. In contrast, 90% of Democrats disapprove, including 80% who strongly disapprove.


Majority Disapproves of Trump Immigration Policies


A new Quinnipiac poll finds that American voters disapprove of the way President Trump is handling immigration, 58% to 39%. But they’re split on whether he’s a racist, 49% to 47%. Also interesting: 50% of voters say the main motive for Trump’s immigration policies is “a sincere interest in controlling our borders,” while 44% say the main motive is “racist beliefs.”


Most Americans: Trump Is a Racist


A new AP-NORC poll finds that 57% of Americans, including more than 8 in 10 blacks, three-quarters of Hispanics and nearly half of whites, said they think President Trump is racist. Eighty-five percent of Democrats consider Trump racist, but just 21% of Republicans agree.