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The Lasting Damage of a Long-Lasting Shutdown

“The longest government shutdown in U.S. history will scar the federal bureaucracy and U.S. economy long after the doors are unlocked and workers return. The feds will struggle to dig out of a backlog of hiring and training that’s essential to pushing out tax refunds, protecting U.S. borders and guiding air traffic. Government contractors are expected to jack up prices on everything from helicopters to IT support, growing wise to an administration that doesn’t pay its bills for weeks on end.”



Most Don’t Feel Effects of the Shutdown Directly


A new Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that voters are aware of the partial government shutdown, and have some concerns about it—but feel little impact from it. “Nearly 3 of 4 voters (74%) say they understand the causes of the partial government shutdown either ‘very well’ (37%) or ‘somewhat well’ (37%). Roughly the same number of voters, 79%, categorize the ongoing shutdown as a ‘crisis’ or ‘problem,’ as reflected in last week’s poll. Despite this, when asked about the extent to which they are personally impacted by the shutdown, a majority of voters (66%) say there is ‘not much’ or “no” impact on them or their families.”


Trump’s Disapproval Rising Among Whites Without College Degrees


Amid the longest government shutdown in US history, a new CNN poll finds 55% of Americans say Donald Trump bears more responsibility for it than the Democrats in Congress, and the President’s disapproval rating has climbed five points since last month to 57%. Key finding: “The increase in disapproval for the President comes primarily among whites without college degrees, 45% of whom approve and 47% disapprove, marking the first time his approval rating with this group has been underwater in CNN polling since February 2018.”


Americans Blame Trump, GOP for Trump’s Shutdown


A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that by a wide margin, more Americans blame President Trump and Republicans in Congress than congressional Democrats for the now record-breaking government shutdown, and most reject the president’s assertion that there is an illegal-immigration crisis on the southern border. Key findings: “53% say Trump and the Republicans are mainly at fault, and 29% blame the Democrats in Congress. Thirteen percent say both sides bear equal responsibility for the shutdown. That is identical to the end of the 16-day shutdown in 2013, when 29% blamed then-President Barack Obama and 53% put the responsibility on congressional Republicans.”


Declaring an Emergency Would Be a Loss, Not a Win

But taking away disaster-relief money? We have no idea what kind of electoral effect that would have because no president has ever done anything that stupid. (Okay, I can think of one possible equivalent, President Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated grain embargo before the 1980 election. It’s hard to say how much that hurt him, but emulating Carter’s famous mistakes really isn’t something to be proud of.) Let’s just say that if there’s anything voters might remember that long and actually punish above and beyond their normal voting behavior it would be taking away tangible benefits from them in a time of need. … That’s all on top of an unpopular shutdown over an unpopular policy by an unpopular president.

Jonathan Bernstein


Three in Four Americans Say Shutdown Is Embarrassing


A new NPR/Ipsos poll finds that 74% of Americans believe the government shutdown is embarrassing to the country and 71% think it will also hurt the country. Meanwhile, just 31% think the government should remain shut down until Congress funds a border wall.


Trump’s Shutdown Has Tied the Longest Government Shutdown at 21 Days


“The ongoing partial government shutdown hit a new milestone on Friday by matching the record for the longest government shutdown in US history,” CNN reports. “Today marks the 21st day of the partial shutdown that started days before Christmas over a standoff between President Trump and congressional Democrats over funding for the President’s long-promised border wall.”


Voters in Seven Key 2020 States Oppose Trump’s Shutdown


A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that voters disagree with President Trump’s demand for border wall funding by double-digit margins in seven key Senate swing states. In Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina, voters disagree with Trump by double-digit margins that “government should be kept closed until he gets funding for the wall.”


Republicans Breaking Ranks with Trump Over ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

“If this is a crisis, the people dealing with this crisis should get paid.”

— Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), in an interview on CNN, calling for an end to the government shutdown.


More Americans Taking Shutdown Seriously


A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds that 71% of Americans now see the partial government shutdown as at least somewhat serious problem, a modest uptick from 62% last week and 61% at the beginning of the shutdown. The share who consider it very serious now stands at 42%, up from one-third last week.