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Support for Free Trade at All-Time High


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds 64% of Americans say they support free trade with foreign countries. That represents an all-time high in the NBC/WSJ survey on this question, and it’s a 7-point increase from the last time it was asked in 2017.


Trump’s Trade War Nudges U.S. Toward Recession


Nearly 70% of economists responding to Reuters poll said the latest developments had brought the next U.S. recession closer.The chances of a U.S. recession in the coming 12 months rose to 30% from 25% in the July poll. The median probability of a recession in the next two years jumped to 45% from July’s 35%.


Full-Scale Trade War with China Would Be Bad for Trump


Politico: “If the president moves ahead with 25 percent tariffs on everything China exports to the United States, it could amount to a tax hike of more than $2,000 on the average American family, swamping the reduction they won from Trump’s signature legislative achievement — the 2017 tax law.”


More than Half of Price of ‘Made in China’ Products Goes to U.S. Workers, Businesses


About 56 percent of what you pay for something “made in China” goes to U.S. workers and companies, on average, according to a new analysis released by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Washington Post reports. The rules are complicated, but “made in China” roughly indicates a good was assembled in a Chinese factory. Its parts, design, marketing and distribution may have come from anywhere — and that “anywhere” is often the United States.


GM to Slash 15,000 Jobs in Michigan, Ohio


General Motors said it will cut production of slow-selling models and slash its workforce by roughly 15,000 jobs, mostly in Michigan and Ohio, Reuters reports. “Cost pressures on GM and other automakers and suppliers have increased as demand waned for traditional sedans. The company has said tariffs on imported steel, imposed earlier this year by the Trump administration, have cost it $1 billion.”


EU Prez Made Trump Blink

“If you want to be stupid, I can be stupid, as well.”

— European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, telling President Trump that they “need to refrain from further punitive tariffs or they would foolishly harm themselves.”

Poetic Justice

Lord of Subsidies

Trump levies his tariffs, some say impulsively,
While the GOP allows it, albeit begrudgingly.
Amid the cries of the farmers,
Here comes Trump, loving Father.
What Trump taketh with tariffs, Trump giveth with subsidies.


Corker Amazed at Lack of Revolt in Congress Over Trump Trade War

“It’s hard to believe there isn’t an outright revolt right now in Congress.”

— Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), quoted by Bloomberg, complaining about President Trump’s trade policies.


Trump Administration to Offer Aid to Farmers Hurt by Trump Trade War

$12 billion

“The White House plans to announce on Tuesday a plan to extend $12 billion in emergency aid to farmers caught in the midst of President Trump’s escalating trade war, two people briefed on the plan said, the latest sign that growing tensions between the United States and other countries will not end soon,” the Washington Post reports. ”The funds will come through direct assistance, a food purchase and distribution program, and a trade promotion program.”