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Poetic Justice

No Text for Rex

The call from John Kelly was vague but discreet,
He gave instructions to watch Twitter all week.
When around rolled Tuesday,
It became a big news day,
When Rex Tillerson got fired via Donald Trump’s tweet.


USA Today Editorial Board Prints Scathing Op-Ed About Trump

A president who would all but call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand a whore is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush.

— USA Today Editorial Board in a column published Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017.


Shafer: Discount Trump’s Tweets

“Trump loves watching the press and its allies scramble their jets in defense of the First Amendment when he makes threats because that puts his name in lights. As long as we continue to over-react to his tweets, as long as we keep reading too much into them, he’ll keep doing it. So am I advocating that we ignore Trump’s tweets? Never. Instead, I suggest that we discount their value in the political marketplace down to the junk level, perhaps placing them in the bundle that includes campaign speeches, advertisements and slogans. … Watch more of what Trump does and a little less of what he tweets. And go ahead and sleep in.”

Jack Shafer


Corker Muses About Trump’s Tweets

“I don’t know why the president tweets out things that are not true. You know he does it, everyone knows he does it, but he does.”

— Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)’ quoted by the New York Times.

News & Comment

COVFEFE Act Would Make Trump’s Tweets Official Presidential Communications

trump-tweetRep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) has introduced a bill called the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement (COVFEFE) Act, reports The Hill. The bill has the same acronym as a Trump Twitter typo that went viral last month, would amend the Presidential Records Act to include “social media.”

Quigley’s office issued a statement:

“President Trump’s frequent, unfiltered use of his personal Twitter account as a means of official communication is unprecedented. If the President is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference. Tweets are powerful, and the President must be held accountable for every post.”


Trump’s First Tweet in 48 Hours

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

— President Trump, on Twitter.


Trump Might Live-Tweet During Comey’s Testimony

“The President is expected to be tweeting on Thursday in response to Comey — not to stay quiet during the testimony — because he himself wants to be the one driving the process.”

— Roberta Costa of the Washington Post, telling MSNBC that President Donald Trump might take to Twitter on Thursday in reaction to the planned congressional testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.


It’s the Covfefe, Baby

“What is it about the covfefe that so displeases President Trump? That may not seem to matter when the president finally manages to unite Twitter behind something he put into its all-too-toxic mix. The president, rather uncharacteristically, even had some fun with it by morning. But typos left to linger and inspire Twitter riffs are silly symptoms, not serious causes. This is Trump being Trump – and the rumblings out of the White House about a staff shake-up suggest we’re likely to get more such…creativity.”

Rick Klein


Twitter Co-Founder Apologizes for Trump

“It’s a very bad thing, Twitter’s role in that. If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry.”

— Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, quoted by the New York Times, on Donald Trump’s claim he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter.

Poetic Justice

Translating Trump’s Tweets

Those Saturday tweets were not Trump venting his frustrations,
They were a Commander-In-Chief requesting investigations.
They weren’t a two-dollar watch wound too tight,
They were a simple call for congressional oversight.
And now, the White House will say no more about those “allegations.”