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Declaring an Emergency Would Be a Loss, Not a Win

But taking away disaster-relief money? We have no idea what kind of electoral effect that would have because no president has ever done anything that stupid. (Okay, I can think of one possible equivalent, President Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated grain embargo before the 1980 election. It’s hard to say how much that hurt him, but emulating Carter’s famous mistakes really isn’t something to be proud of.) Let’s just say that if there’s anything voters might remember that long and actually punish above and beyond their normal voting behavior it would be taking away tangible benefits from them in a time of need. … That’s all on top of an unpopular shutdown over an unpopular policy by an unpopular president.

Jonathan Bernstein


Pelosi: Trump Doesn’t Want a Wall, He Wants a Distraction

“I don’t even know if the president wants the wall. I think he just wants a debate on the wall. And he’s having some difficulty with it.”

— Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), asserting that President Trump’s border wall push has nothing to do with border security, but is instead designed to energize his conservative base and distract the country from the various scandals dogging his administration, The Hill reports.


TV Show from 1958 Featured a Con Man Named Trump Selling a Wall

This is amazing: In 1958, CBS aired an episode of “Trackdown” in which a con man attempted to sell a town a “wall” in order to protect them from the fake threat of a meteor shower. The con man’s name was Trump. The show’s main character ultimately exposes Trump as a fraud who was plotting with the town’s sheriff to sell the wall. His final words: “You’re under arrest Trump.”

Alex Hirsch on Twitter


Flashback: Trump on the Efficacy of Walls as Barriers

“Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it. Go over it. Go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.”

— Donald Trump, in a 2004 video clip aired on the Daily Show.


Republicans Breaking Ranks with Trump Over ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

“If this is a crisis, the people dealing with this crisis should get paid.”

— Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), in an interview on CNN, calling for an end to the government shutdown.

Poetic Justice

Crisis of Consciousness

Trump’s Oval Office address, as a ploy, was bold,
Though he looked low-energy, constipated and old.
The language was Stephen Miller’s,
And the rhetoric was killer —
But really, Trump’s actually having a “crisis of the heart, a crisis of the soul?”


Democrats Got Higher TV Rating than Trump’s Address


“President Trump’s televised Oval Office address on immigration Tuesday drew a big audience. The response from Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer drew a slightly bigger audience, at least according to preliminary figures,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. “The quarter hour (9-9:15 p.m. ET) containing the president’s speech drew a combined 28.1 household rating in metered markets on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News and NBC. The following 15 minutes, including analysis and the Pelosi-Schumer rebuttal, averaged 29.3 across those same networks, a bump of about 4 percent.”


Top Republican Opposes Using Military Funds for Trump’s Wall

“In short, I’m opposed to using defense dollars for non-defense purposes.”

— Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), the top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, telling Defense News that declaring a national emergency and using military dollars for President Trump’s border wall would be “damaging” to military readiness.


Murkowski Wants to Reopen Government

“I am one who is amenable to a process that would allow for those appropriations bills that have concluded some time ago that they be enacted into law — whether it’s the Department of Interior or the IRS. I’d like to see that.”

— Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), joining calls today to reopen the rest of the federal government before the funding fight over the border wall is resolved, CNN reports.


Every Lawmaker from a Border District Rejects Trump’s Wall


CBS News: “Eight congressional representatives serve the districts that line the 2,000-mile southern border. They are men, women, freshman politicians and Washington veterans. The Democrats among them span liberal ideologies, while one of them is a Republican. … But they all have one thing in common: each is against President Trump’s border wall.”