Obama Hijacks the Show but Colbert Report Pulls No Punches

The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive If you missed it, watch the revamped segment Colbert calls, “The Word,” but which Obama called, “The Decree.” The president out-deadpans the deadpanner himself.

Sarah Palin TV as Relevant as She Is to Viewers


Number of visitors to the Sarah Palin Channel in September, as measured by Quantcast, reports Lloyd Grove. By contrast, The Blaze’s web traffic exceeded 1.5 million unique visitors in September.

Fox News Also Won the Midterms


Number of total viewers of Fox News Channel in the 10 pm hour Tuesday night, exceeding both CNN’s 1,936,000 and MSNBC’s 1,594,000 average total viewers combined by more than 3 million. FNC also beat out CBS, NBC and ABC in total viewers during that hour, with the highest of the three – CBS – garnering 5,408,000 average total viewers, reports FishBowl DC.

Paul Ryan Can’t Differentiate Fact from Fiction

I watched the first couple of episodes until he cheated on his wife with that reporter. It turned my stomach so much that I just couldn’t watch it anymore. His behavior was so reprehensible, and it hit too close to home because he was a House member, that it just bothered me too much. And what I thought is, it makes us all look like we’re like that.

— Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), to Parade, on why he doesn’t watch “House of Cards” anymore.

On FOX, The Truth is Faster


Number of minutes FOX News used to point out that the recent CBS 60 Minutes piece, which was later found to have falsely portrayed events in Benghazi, backed up the Republican portrayal of the incident. That was three times the length of the original 60 Minutes report. Amount of time FOX spent on the subsequent correction: 26 seconds.

This Could Be the ‘Willie Horton’ Ad of This Campaign

Just when you thought the Tea Party had shriveled up and died, their super PAC comes out with this piece of vileness that panders to the whitest part of the GOP base.

Jimmy Fallon’s “Romney and Bain”

I almost like this one better than the original — especially the part about 2016!

Oh Yeah, THIS Will Help Republicans Among Women

O’Reilly posted a video someone made of Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) talking about her curly hair and then commenting on a recent news story with a new, straight hairstyle. Hey Debbie: Love the new look. You go, girl. Hey Bill: Srsly? Moron.

Eating Their Own: Coulter Hates Jeb

I think, on closer examination, Jeb Bush would be the worst of all candidates to run. For one thing, we don’t need another Bush. That would be embarrassing to the Republican Party. He’s more pro amnesty for illegals than his brother was, more than Rick Perry was.

– Republican color commentator Ann Coulter, announcing she hates Jeb Bush and apparently wasn’t too fond of his big brother either. Could have fooled us.

If Mitt Were Michael Scott…

Great job on this video from MoveOn.org — except that guy’s makeup is a little wonky. Oh well, he still captures Mitt’s alien-like awkwardness with actual humans.

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