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Twitter Peeps Educate Trump on Sacrifice


After Khizr Khan, accompanied by his wife, Ghazala, declared at the 2016 Democratic National Convention that Donald Trump has, “sacrificed nothing and no one,” the world took note. That’s because the Khans lost their son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, while he fought in Iraq in 2004.

Trump’s response was two-fold. First, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he criticized the Gold Star mother for not joining her husband in speaking and implied that Muslim women aren’t allowed to do so. Then he said he does indeed understand the concept of personal sacrifice.

Pressed by Stephanopoulos to name the sacrifices he’d made for his country, Trump said: “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I’ve created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.”

People on Twitter took up Trump’s case and supplied their own examples of how Donald has given selflessly to our country, using the hashtag #TrumpSacrifices. Here are some of our favorites.

  • @AngryBlackLady
    Wore a suit and tie, not a robe and hood to the RNC. #TrumpSacrifices
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Because If We Told You, We’d Have to Kill You

We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

— The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in its Twitter debut on Friday, June 6. The clandestine group made itself pretty easy to find. Its handle is…@CIA.

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SOTU Analysis in Tweets

The Washington Post performs an act of service journalism by rounding up a mess of tweets about the State of the Union address by reporters from across the political spectrum.


Twitter Is the Best Predictor of Congressional Races

404 of 406

Number of House races correctly predicted by Twitter in the 2010 midterm elections, according to National Journal: “The key measure, researchers from Indiana University found, was a candidate’s ‘tweet share,’ the percentage of total tweets about a race that mention them. The more often a candidate is mentioned on Twitter relative to their opponent, the study reported, the greater their chance for victory.”


Anthony Weiner Inches Back Into Twitter

I’m not going to let that tool go unused.

— Anthony Weiner, quoted by the New York Observer, on why he’s using Twitter again despite his rocky history with the social media network.


Obama Tweet Breaks Record


Number of retweets, setting a Twitter record, for a post by Pres. Obama that said, “Four more years” with a Twitpic of him and First Lady Michelle Obama embracing.


Never Try to Slam Your Opponent With a Question You Don’t Know the Answer To


Ratio of people answering “Yes” to the Romney campaign’s promoted hashtag (i.e., ad campaign) on Twitter, #AreYouBetterOff. The hashtag was promoted during the Democratic convention, and received 5,637 “yes” answers and examples, and 1,121 “no” responses.

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No Rush, Apparently. Limbaugh Just Now Joins Twitter

Showing that he is a hip and happening dude, despite the fact that his average listener is a 67-year-old man, Rush Limbaugh is jumping right into the end of the last decade with his Twitter debut.

Rush knows social media is a more effective means of sending a message than using his show. But then, so is speaking into a can attached by a string to another can.

Tweeting at the handle @Limbaugh, the host began his foray into the social networking site by sending out links to articles criticizing the liberal group Media Matters.

One thing Rush is right about is that social media is a more effective means of sending a message than using his show. But then, so is speaking into a can attached by a string to another can.

“I’ve decided to actually activate it now and use it for strategic purposes since it has become such an effective means of informing people outside the bounds of this program,” Limbaugh explained.

Not totally getting it, however, Rush is his usual pushy self even on Twitter. His tweets come with instructions.

“Good story by @jeff_poor @DailyCaller. He gets it right, @mmfa wrong as usual. Read and Retweet.”

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First Twitter Town Hall is Today


Kids, don’t forget to log on to America’s first Twitter-hosted* town hall meeting. It takes place today at 2 p.m. Eastern time, and Twitter is going large by having Pres. Obama field questions and comments on how to get the economy going and how to put people back to work.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) fired a preemptive shot with this tweet:

Republicans #askobama to outline plan #4jobs that doesn’t involve more spending, taxing, regulating http://j.mp/o1bpzE @townhall

Why is it Republicans feel the government should leave everything to the private sector except job creation, the one thing the private sector is best suited to provide? To Republicans, when employment is high, it’s because business is masterful. When employment is low, it’s because government is screwing up. I’m not in the right party to be able to follow this logic.

But to follow the town hall, search for @townhall and use the hashtag, as Speaker Boehner did, #askobama.

* Yes Buck, I know AP style says “host” is not a verb but Twitter itself is calling it that.


Einstein’s Brilliant Observation about Twitter

The greatest thing about Twitter is that you can quote something and totally make up the source

-Albert Einstein, via Steven Winterburn.